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They were soldiers and definitely obeyed orders from their superiors.

If Boss wanted Fenghuang Niao to protect Miss Yun, she would not be very far away from her.

There was only one possibility if she had suddenly appeared here!

“Youre dead meat! Boss will kill you!”

“We came here together with Su Hang to deliver the vaccine.

If Im going to die, so be it.

Were already here.

Lets get rid of the enemy first.”

Fenghuang Niao looked around at the dark surroundings.

The dim lights illuminated the dilapidated streets.

“The two of you should split up and go around the city before coming back from the alley by the river.”

“Are the alleys by the river wide enough for cars to drive in”

“I dont know, but Ill bet they are.” Fenghuang Niao raised an eyebrow and signaled for him to use the earpiece to communicate with San Qing.

They split up.

Compared to whether they could get rid of the enemy tailing them or not, she was more worried about whether the two people in the car could safely reach the location where the Young Commander was located.

Yun Xi watched as a small team and two cars drove past through the car window.

She only sat up straight when the car was far away.

“We have to leave quickly.”

Su Hang nodded and got out of the car.

He pulled out the flag of the independent army on the front of the car, got into the drivers seat, and drove out of the road on the fork.

Without Fenghuang Niao, Yun Xi was sitting in the back seat by herself.

She gripped her weapon tightly as she looked around vigilantly.

Since there were military vehicles and Mu Feichis special forces here, it meant that Mu Feichi and the refugees were nearby.

The lone car drove down the main street.

Not long after, there was a gunshot, and a bullet hit the rearview mirror.

Yun Xi looked at the location.

The distance wasnt far to their destination.

Even though she wasnt sure if the other party was a friend or foe, she still tentatively took out a small flag of Jun Country from her bag and waved it outside.

In the pitch-black night, she looked around cautiously and tried to figure out where the bullets were coming from.

“Ill go and take a look.

Stay in the car and dont move!” Su Hang got out of the car carefully and used the door to block himself.

He slowly reached his hand out from the side of the car and used the flashlight in his hand to type out a series of Morse codes.

Very soon, there were three flashes on the roof.

After confirming that it was one of their own, he got out of the car and looked at the Morse code on the roof.

“Mu Feichi is in front, lets hurry over!” Yun Xi was more familiar with the Morse code than Su Hang, so she shouted at him as soon as she had read it.

Su Hang quickly got into the car and Yun Xi stuck the flag in her hand onto the rearview mirror.

Looking at the dark in front of her, her heart was in her throat.

Soon, she would be able to see Mu Feichi.

She actually had the illusion of being close to home.

At the highest point on the roof, Fenghuang Cheng informed Mu Feichi through their earpieces that someone was coming.

Mu Feichi had happened to come out of the residential area to wait for Lie Huo, San Qing, and the others.

He was both surprised and shocked when he saw an independent army car with their countrys national flag approaching.

However, when he saw the person sitting in the front passenger seat, he was stunned.

A1, who had followed him out, clearly realized that his Young Commander had fallen into an ice hole, and he almost froze to death from the coldness he was emanating.

Looking at the car that was heading this way, he silently took a few steps back when he saw Yun Xi in the front passenger seat.

D*mn it! Su Hang, who did not fear death, had actually brought this girl here.

He really did not cherish his life anymore.

From a distance, Yun Xi saw two figures standing at the entrance of the alley in front of her.

She couldnt sit still anymore and urged Su Hang to drive faster.

Su Hang heaved a sigh of resignation.

She could not wait any longer, but he was wishing that he could prolong every moment before they reached their destination.

He was not prepared to face the wrath of this tyrant who was the Young Commander.

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