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This man was going on a rampage and wanted to hit everyone around.

As Yun Xi watched the man kick Su Hang, she couldnt figure out how to get him to calm down to get the shrapnel out of him.

Without any other choices left, she slapped him on his face, a slap that wasnt too hard but not too light either, which brought him back to his senses.

The sound of the loud slap echoed around the room and even the special forces standing guard outside could hear it through their earpieces.

For a short while, it was as if the whole world was suddenly silent.

The special forces who were in the room with them all turned around simultaneously, pretending that they hadnt witnessed that.

Mu Feichis eyes widened as he stared at the lady who had just slapped him.

She met his stare with her own, her face completely filled with her stubbornness and worry at the same time.

Just that one stare from her was enough to soften the mans heart.

He had to admit that she had total control over him.

Yun Xi opened the first-aid kit and turned to look at Su Hang who was climbing up from the floor.

She handed the case of vaccines to him and said, “Administer these vaccines to those who are infected.

Remember to isolate the infected from other people as well.

Leave the Young Commander to me.”

“Okay!” Su Hang didnt even dare to look at Mu Feichi and ran out of the room with the vaccines.

Yun Xi got up and cut open the shirt around Mu Feichis wound before carefully cleaning the solidified blood around it.

She then located the anesthesia from the first-aid kit and looked at the man who had been staring at her the whole time.

Before she could even ask if he needed it, he snatched the anesthesia away from her hand.

“I dont need it.

Just take the shrapnel out,” Mu Feichi said and turned around and showed his back to her.

“Are you worried that something might happen later and the anesthesia would affect your abilities”

As Yun Xi asked this question, she silently took out another anesthesia.

Since Mu Feichi had turned around, he wasnt aware of her actions.

Without any warning, she injected the anesthesia into his shoulder.

“You!” Mu Feichi flinched.

When he reacted to the shot, it was already too late as the drug had already been injected into his body.

“Come on,” Yun Xi leaned in and whispered.

“We were taught by the same person, and youve even instructed me.

I dont think Im that bad that you couldnt rely on me, right”

Even if there were an accident, Yun Xi was confident enough to replace Li Zilan as Mu Feichis spotter.

Mu Feichi sighed as her warm breath brushed past his ear.

“Babe, this is a war zone, not the training ground at Tianyu Mountain.

Bullets wont miss their targets here.”

“I know.” Just as Mu Feichi had said, they were on a battlefield.

That was why Yun Xi had been taking extra precautions from the moment shed arrived here and had remained alert the whole time.

As the anesthesia was starting to take effect, Yun Xi put the medical gloves on and warned, “Im going to take it out now.

Dont move.”

Mu Feichi frowned as he gripped his knees tightly.

A shock of pain and numbness could be felt in his shoulder the moment the shrapnel was removed.

He watched as Yun Xi stopped the bleeding and started to wrap his shoulder in bandages in a swift motion.

Her shirt was stained by his blood, and yet she remained calm as she grabbed the scissors from the first-aid kit.

Under the dim light in the abandoned house, everyone remained silent.

The only sound that could be heard was the sound of the scissor cutting the medical tape.

Across the room, the dim light shone onto them.

Their shadows on the floor kept overlapping with each other over and over again.

Mu Feichi looked at their shadows.

Despite the loud gunshots and explosions outside, the time they had spent inside was short but sweet.

At that moment, Mu Feichi was yearning for a peaceful life more than ever.

Although the battle was still happening outside, warmth and tenderness filled the room.

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