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After tending to the wound, Yun Xi swiftly tidied everything up and packed it back into the first-aid kit.

After taking the gloves that were covered in blood off her hands, she dug a small piece of chocolate out of her pocket.

She unwrapped it and shoved it into Mu Feichis mouth.

“Get some rest for the time being.

Ill go check on the rest of the group.”

Even though she wasnt a combat medic, she was still a doctor.

Now that she was already on the battlefield, she wanted to help as much as she could.

“H*ll, no! Some of them are infected with the virus! What if you get infected as well”

“Ive already injected the vaccine before I came here.

On the other hand, you are the one whos at risk here.

We only have a certain amount of vaccines with us for now, so we can only administer them to those who are infected first.

You guys have to make it back alive and get the vaccines back home.” Yun Xi smiled as she poked the mans cheek.

“Which is why, my dear Young Commander, you have to stay strong no matter what.

Ill go see what I can do, and well talk about a plan when I get back.”

Yun Xi then checked to make sure no one was looking at them and kissed Mu Feichis cheek before running out of the house with her face completely red.

As the rain poured down outside, Mu Feichi chewed on the sweet chocolate.

He could still feel the wetness and warmth on his cheek left by the lady whom he loved the most, and he smiled.

Suddenly, the cold night wasnt that cold anymore.

He had been moving through countless battlefields alone for more than ten years and he was never afraid of dying.

Yet, now, all he could think of was growing old with Yun Xi.

The Young Commander looked at the flashes of gunfire and explosions through the window.

“Grey Wolf.”

“Sir!” Grey Wolf, who had remained silent in a corner, turned around.

He was holding a radar locator in his hand.

“Get me Li Zilans location now.

Now that Yun Xi is here, we have to change our extraction plan.”

Su Hang couldnt believe his eyes when Yun Xi knelt down next to him to help him inject the vaccines into the infected.

“Whoa! That tyrant actually let you come help” He couldnt help but tease her.

“The tyrant you are talking about is taking a rest now.

He has lost quite a lot of blood, and hes definitely feeling dizzy from that.

He needs all the rest he can get.”

“Youre the only one who can make him do that.” Su Hang chuckled, reminiscing about the slap that Yun Xi had given Mu Feichi just a while ago.

He couldnt help but admire her courage for doing that.

Yun Xi was probably the only person alive who dared to slap Mu Feichi, the head of the Mu family and the Young Commander of Jun Country.

If another person did that, the man wouldve killed them with a cold stare.

Yun Xi laughed and asked, “Do we know how many people are infected We dont have enough vaccines with us, and we can only administer them to those who are in critical condition first.

We also have to save some for the infected people around Instructor Zilan.

We will have to treat the rest when we get back.”

“Weve already explained everything to the citizens.” Su Hang nodded.

“Everyone is okay with it, and its better for them to get treated back home if they arent in a serious condition.”

Yun Xi helped Su Hang with the rest of the injections before they headed back to the abandoned house together.

Since they couldnt build a fire in it, everyone had to gather around to seek warmth from each other.

Mu Feichi sat by the wall, while the special forces were discussing the new extraction plan with their comrades who were stationed outside through their earpieces.

Yun Xi grabbed Mu Feichis hand.

As the anesthesias effect was dying out, visible signs of pain could be seen on the mans face.

“Leave the rest to me.

Get some rest.

Ill help with the new extraction plan.”

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