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As Mu Feichi had only brought two teams of special forces with him and Yun Xi wasnt acquainted with most of them, she decided to let the Young Commander divide the forces into three teams.

However, when she heard that he had put her in the second group with the citizens of Jun Country, she argued, “You are injured! Im going with you.

Ill be joining the third group as well.”

She didnt even give Mu Feichi a chance to argue and declared that she would join the same group that the Young Commander was in.

“I dont care! You dont have a say in this.” Yun Xi turned around and ignored the man.

She then selected two of the special forces and ordered them, “Mr.

Xiao had arranged for his men from a neighboring country to bring us here in a military helicopter.

They are probably still at the border.

I want you two to disguise yourselves as the soldiers of the independence army and head over there to meet up with them.”

“Why are you sending us there when we dont have enough manpower” one of the soldiers asked.

“If the helicopter flies into Country Fs airspace, itll get spotted easily and get shot down by missiles.”

“I memorized Country Fs map before coming here, and I know everything that is happening here up until this point.

If the helicopter flies around the border, which is a safe zone, it should be able to reach Casa Town.” Yun Xi paused and raised her head to look determinably at the two soldiers she had selected.

“You two are the cards up my sleeve.

If the first and second groups cant assist us after making sure the citizens get to the port safely, you two will be the third teams last hope.

Even if anything happens, even if you guys have to abandon everyone else, you guys still have to make sure that the Young Commander gets back home, right”

The two soldiers understood what Yun Xi meant and nodded, not arguing with her decision anymore.

However, the man who had remained silent the whole time suddenly frowned after hearing her last sentence.

“What do you mean by abandoning everyone else Do you want to stay here and marry some terrorist”

Yun Xi glanced at the man who had misinterpreted her words and shook her head.

“In their dreams.

The men here are too ugly.

I cant even eat anything if I look at their faces.” She then ignored the mans jealous expression and gently tapped his cheek instead.

“Compared to their dark skin and bland expression, you look much better.”

The gentle sound that came from her tapping his face and her teasing inside the dimly lit room made the mans expression darken instantly.

“Dont joke around!” he scolded, though, he had to admit he felt honored to be teased by this girl in front of other people.

With a frown on his face, he pushed her hand away from his face and pulled away from her.

The Young Commander noticed the special forces who were now looking at him in awe and coughed.

“Get prepared.

Well take another half an hour rest and well leave after that.

We cant wait for the sun to rise or else it will be too dangerous,” he ordered.

“Sir!” The soldiers fumbled to get up and left the house while trying to hide their giggles.

Yun Xi waited for everyone to leave before turning to look at Mu Feichi seriously.

“Does it hurt Do you want some painkillers”


Painkillers will affect my senses.

I can handle this much pain.

You dont have to worry about me.” The man shook his head and grabbed her hand.

He looked at her stubborn expression and let out a sigh.

“Why did you have to follow me How am I going to fight to my full extent when knowing you might get hurt following me”

“If you can trust my ability in coming up with an extraction plan, then why cant you trust that I can fight by your side as well I wont drag you down, and Im confident I can do what you can.”

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