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“Babe, its not that I dont trust you, its just that your safety is the most important thing to me.”

“And yours is equally as important to me as well.”

If anything were to happen, Yun Xi would not even hesitate to push Mu Feichi into the helicopter.

She was someone who had died once.

Although she treasured her life a lot, she still hoped that he could live on.

“Come on.

Its going to get weird if you keep on acting like this.

Niao and her team should return soon.

Ill go tell her our plan.

Get some rest, and well depart once they arrive.”

Mu Feichi raised his head to look at his girl.

He clearly knew that she was even more stubborn than he was, and there was nothing he could do about it.

“Cheng, take care of her.

Bring her back once Niao gets here,” Mu Feichi ordered Fenghuang Cheng who had just come in, and hed taken the chance to introduce him to Yun Xi.

Yun Xi looked at this person and deduced that he was around the same age as Mu Feichi.

His handsome yet expressionless face made him seem proud and cold.

With his sniper rifle in his hands, the vibe he gave off was completely different than a normal persons.

She knew that other than Mu Feichi being one of the best snipers in his forces, Li Zilan, Jin Lei, and the Fenghuang siblings were all on a par with the Young Commander.

However, the Fenghuang siblings would lead a normal life most of the time and would only go out on missions under special circumstances.

After walking out of the abandoned house, Fenghuang Cheng followed Yun Xi to where they would wait for Fenghuang Niao and Lie Huos arrival.

Through the dim light, this was Fenghuang Chengs first time seeing the face of the future Mrs.

Mu, whom everyone had been talking about.

She was younger than he had expected.

Fenghuang Cheng always thought that the rumors about her were all exaggerated, but after witnessing how she had come up with a viable extraction plan in the shortest amount of time, he had to admit that she was something else.

Not only that, but she also had the Young Commander in the palm of her hand.

What surprised Fenghuang Cheng even more was the fact that she actually had had the guts to jump straight into a war zone.

From her courage to her smarts and looks, she was far better than all the other ladies from prestigious families back in Jingdu.

Perhaps, he thought, only a lady like Yun Xi had the right to stand next to the Young Commander.

When they reached the meeting spot, Fenghuang Niao and Lie Huo had just returned.

After hiding their vehicle, they emerged from the darkness.

Fenghuang Niao looked at Yun Xi.

She had already heard about the extraction plan through her earpiece.

However, she was still surprised that Yun Xi would volunteer to join the third team.

“Girl, did our boss punish you for coming”

“Ask him yourself.

Even if he has the heart to do it, it doesnt mean he can win against me.

Im not that weak.”

“I dont know why, but that makes a lot of sense…” Fenghuang Niao laughed.

“Lets go.

We found a few vehicles that are still running along the way.

Ill have someone go back and get them.”

“Good! We need as many vehicles as we can get.”

Once they returned to the abandoned house, Yun Xi got an earpiece for communication and a rifle from Mu Feichi.

She checked the make of the rifle to make sure she was familiar with it before turning to him and the other soldiers who were all well-prepared and nodded.

“Grey Wolf, continue to try and track the trackers on Instructor Zilan and her team.

You have to scan for enemies with the radar along the way as well.

We have to be extremely cautious so that we can react to any sudden accident right away.”

“Noted!” Grey Wolf nodded.

Seeing how Yun Xi gave out her orders in a serious manner, he couldnt help but see flashes of the Young Commander in her.

It just proved that she was indeed someone who had learned from the best.

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