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He had failed to protect the one he loved 20 years ago.

And although he may have accumulated tremendous power and status over the years, it would never heal the wound of this mistake.

What was the point of his hard work if he could not protect his own child

He wondered if the gods had pitied him as the snowstorm slowed down during the night and had cleared up as dawn broke.

Xiao Jinglin gazed aimlessly into the heavy snow outside his window as he finished the last of his coffee with a gulp.

He picked up his phone and dialed Xiao Weijun.

The call connected, and Xiao Jinglin was overwhelmed with emotions as he said, “Sister, we found the Xiao family pledge.”

Xiao Weijuns trembling voice answered from the other end of the call, “What You mean the bracelet” Her voice was full of anxiety.

“Yes.” Xiao Jinglin looked down at the small golden bracelet in his hands.

It was of a significance that only the Xiao family knew.

“It is that one.”

“How Where Did Rong Rong finally find it”

“No, she didnt.

I found it in Yun Xis drawer.

She said she wore this when she was younger.”

“Yun Xi” Xiao Weijuns voice was shaking as she asked, “The Yun Xi who operated on me” She repeated herself in the fear that she had misheard.

“Yes, her! When I passed this bracelet to Rong Rong, I instructed her that this item was meant to be passed to the eldest daughter of the Xiao family as an heirloom.

She could only give this to our children.

If Yun Xi really is my child…”

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“Dont jump to conclusions.

We need to contact the family doctors to do a DNA test.”

It would truly be a miracle if she was a child of the Xiao family.

She wondered if it had been fate that she had felt a sense of familiarity when she met Yun Xi for the first time.

“Shes delivering vaccines to Country F!”

“What But shes only a girl! Whats a young girl doing on the battlefield Why didnt you stop her There are bullets flying everywhere, and what if…”

Xiao Jinglin sighed softly.

“I only got a good look at this bracelet after she left.”

There was no one who was more full of regret than he was at the current moment.

He regretted not finding out the truth sooner, and he regretted that he had not had the chance to stop her.

“What do we do now The situation in Country F has not been getting better, their Prime Minister has received death threats, and their foreign ministry has been unresponsive.”

“Im flying over to Country F to bring her back myself.

Could you contact our brother-in-law to make arrangements for the DNA process”

“You cant! Youre the head of the Xiao family! And its so dangerous.

What if something happens to you”

“I cant be bothered about that.

I need to bring her back no matter what.

And if anything happens to me, we need to prove her identity and bring her back into the Xiao family.

Every will and inheritance of our family is in that bracelet.”

The eldest member of the Xiao family had commissioned the most secure safe on the planet for their family assets, and the bracelet was the key to the safe.

There were 20 years worth of wills and inheritances that were locked within that safe.

As the eldest daughter of the family, Xiao Weijun had worn the bracelet when she was younger.

It was only when Xiao Jinglin became the head of the family that she had passed the bracelet to him for him to pass it on to the next heir.

Xiao Jinglin had passed the bracelet to the eldest daughter of the Rong family, Rong Rong.

But with Rong Rongs disappearance, the bracelet had vanished into thin air with her for close to 20 years.

Xiao Jinglin hung up the call before Xiao Weijun could argue any further.

As he clicked his phone to a close, Xiaosi appeared behind him with a courteous bow.

“The plane is ready, Boss.

Were good to go!”

On the flight to the neighboring Country F, Xiaoer could only watch their leader cautiously.

It took him a moment of hesitation before he decided to speak up.

“Boss, about this Miss Yun…”

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The last time they had seen their boss lose his composure was with Madame Rong.

He had maintained his calm demeanor even when dealing with the internal conflicts of the Xiao Corporation and family.

He was a man who was unmoved by the death of traitors at his hands, yet he had once again lost his cool over this girl.

It would take a fool to not notice the significance of the girl.

The men understood this.

But all they could do was remain silent.

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