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The blinking red dot on the monitor screen traced a tracking device on one of the soldiers.

The device could be activated at any time to let others know of their location.

“So they are in the town!” Yun Xis fingers zoomed in on the electronic map.

She frowned in worry as she studied their location in detail, and a chill of panic ran down her back.

“They are located in the center of the town, surrounded by dense houses and alleys.

We have three ways in, but the position is on high ground so it will be hard to break through their defenses.

We are also lacking in manpower, so it will be hard to advance.”

Mu Feichi nodded, but his expression was dark.

“The priority now is not rescue.

We must find a way to go through the town and then help the refugees escape.”

The only information they had was about the situation in the town.

They lacked intel on the number of troops the enemy had.

It would be a challenge both rescuing and transporting the refugees.

Yun Xi looked up to Mu Feichi and looked back down to the electronic map.

She inhaled deeply and let out what was on her mind, “We need to rescue them.

We are lacking in manpower and we need them if we want to transport the refugees safely out of the town.

We need to rescue officer Zilan and her company.

If we are able to unite the forces on both sides to attack, we can divert their resources.

Using that diversion, we can escape with some possibility of ensuring safety.”

Mu Feichi must have thought of this idea as well, but she was sure he did not want to suggest the idea in order to protect her from the potential dangers.

The soldiers beside him approved of Yun Xis idea, and they turned to the Young Commander expectantly.

Mu Feichi nodded.

“Its a good plan, but you cant come with us.”

“Why” Yun Xi blurted out.

She was the one who had proposed the idea, yet now she was going to be excluded from the action.

This displeased her greatly.

She was used to this by now.

Mu Feichis roundabout explanations during the strategic meeting had made more sense in retrospect.

He did not want Yun Xi to follow the soldiers into battle.

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“Its dangerous.

Besides, my team and I coordinate well, and with this teamwork, we have a bigger chance at making the plan succeed.”

“So youre saying Ill be a burden to you”

“You know thats not what I mean.” There were many unknowns on the battlefield, and each unknown was more terrifying than the next.

Mu Feichi only wanted to keep Yun Xi safe.

The stalemate between the two had sent the soldiers around them backing away from the conflict.

They all lowered their presence so as to not get in the way of the conversation.

After staring him down, Yun Xi realized that the man had not changed his expression and did not want to change his mind.

With a sigh, she turned and returned to the work related to the refugees.

Now, Mu Feichi, after seeing that Yun Xi had backed down, proceeded to send out his orders via the intercom.

He selected a team of special forces from the soldiers in Unit Two and Unit Three for the mission.

The intercom crackled suddenly, and Fenghuang Chengs voice came through with the rustle of wind sounding between his words, “Theres an approaching vehicle about two miles away, Young Commander.”

“No, its a normal truck.”

Yun Xi took the binoculars and verified the location with Fenghuang Cheng.

She adjusted the binoculars and looked in the direction Fenghuang Cheng had identified.

With a clear view of the vehicle, Yun Xi looked down at the distance meter indicated by the binoculars.

“Cheng,” she asked, “how far would be a good distance to take out a man in a passengers seat”

“Due to the sandstorm, 800 yards would be a safe distance.”

Mu Feichi moved before Yun Xi could speak.

He had already anticipated what Yun Xi wanted to do.

He turned to Lie Huo and instructed him, “Take two men with you and apprehend the driver of the truck as quickly as you can.”

“Got it.” Lie Huo gestured to the two men behind him, and they sprinted off in the direction of the vehicle.

Yun Xi turned to Mu Feichi, saying, “So you knew what I wanted to do” She laughed lightly.

The man raised his brows.

He did not seem to have picked up on Yun Xis teasing just yet.

“Arent we connected telepathically” he asked jokingly.

“Yet you still insist that I am a burden to you and refuse to let me help.

Your mood sure changes fast, Mu Three-Years-Old!”

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“…” Mu Feichi had nothing to say.

Hed been one-upped by his love.

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