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Chapter 154: The Bracelet Is False Evidence

Teacher Xu hadnt taken the bracelet away, because he wanted to see if his star student was capable of handling the situation.

She would definitely run into similar incidents in the future.

If she didnt handle it well this time, and she couldnt hold her own against these kind of schemes, then next time, she would fall into their trap again.

Hed also decided to seize this opportunity to discover the mental resilience of his outstanding student.

Sure enough, after a while, Yang Lu found the silver bracelet under a desk.

“Found it!” Standing up, Yang Lu turned to look at Teacher Xu, who was standing behind her looking gloomy.

“Teacher Xu, I found a bracelet, which seems to have a name on it.”

“Whose name”

“Yun Xi! The name on the bracelet is Yun Xi.

This must be what Yun Xi has been looking for lately.”

As soon as shed found the bracelet, Yang Lu couldnt wait to get out of the storage room and hold the bracelet up for the crowd of parents to see.

“I found a bracelet.

Yun Xi, is this your bracelet”

Yang Lu held up the bracelet and looked at Yun Xi.

“It has your name on it.”

Before Yun Xi could speak, Liang Xiuqin rushed forward and snatched the bracelet.

She knew that this was the bracelet that Liang Xinyi had stolen without even having to look at it.

She pretended to be shocked.

“Yun Xi, it was really you! You really stole the exam papers!”

Liang Xiuqin gave Yun Xi a disappointed look.

“Even if your grades were poor, you cant do something like stealing exam papers.

You are so disappointing.”

Yun Xi glanced at her mother coldly.

Her pretentious mannerisms might fool others, but to her it all seemed too ironic.

“Mom, this bracelet used to belong to me.

But my cousin stole it a long time ago.

When she first came to Jingdu, she used the bracelet to pose as me.

In order to enter the Yun family as me, my cousin even pushed me off a cliff.

If it hadnt been for the kind people who saved me, Im afraid I wouldnt have survived to come to Jingdu.”

Since she was using the bracelet for her farce, how could Liang Xinyi not play a supporting role in it.

Since she was already under the bus, she might as well throw Liang Xinyi under the bus too, since she was the mastermind behind the scenes trying to get others to do the dirty work for her.

“Yun Xi! What nonsense are you talking Thats your stuff.

What would I do with your stuff”

When she heard Yun Xi throw her under the bus, Liang Xinyi immediately became anxious.

“I came to Jingdu just to see my aunt.

You are my cousin anyway, so how could you make such a vicious accusation against me If you did something wrong and can admit your mistakes, everyone will forgive you.

Do you even have a conscience slandering me like this”

“Mom, in regard to whether or not Im vicious, you should ask Mr.

Jiang to come over to clarify that.

Did you forget that you just offended Mr.


“You wretched girl, why dont you just admit that you have done something wrong.


Jiang is very protective of you, so of course he would take your word at face value.”

Yun Xi smirked coldly and turned to look at Yun Yuanfeng.

“Dad, you know who had this bracelet in their possession, right”

Upon hearing this question, Yun Yuanfeng was at first caught off guard, but then he suddenly remembered that Liang Xinyi had in fact used this bracelet to come to Jingdu by pretending to be Yun Xi.

Afterward, the bracelet had always been in Liang Xinyis hands, and Yun Xi didnt ask for it back.

Now it had suddenly appeared in the storage room.

So wasnt it evident that Liang Xinyi was clearly framing Yun Xi

Had Liang Xiuqin acknowledged Yun Xi as her daughter in the first place, he wouldnt have offended Mr.


Upon thinking of all this, he realized what had been going on and how oblivious he had been.

Useless bastards! Always giving him trouble!

Yun Xi watched her dad give Liang Xinyi a vicious glare, and she curled her lips mockingly.

“Cousin, this bracelet has been in your hands.

If anyone had stolen the exam papers from the storage room, that person would be you.”

Tugging at her hem, Yun Xi chuckled lightly with a calm and indifferent expression on her face.

“You cant accuse me of stealing the exam papers just because the bracelet has my name on it, right”

Liang Xinyi glanced at Yun Yuanfeng and shook her head guiltily.

“I didnt! The bracelet is yours.

I never took your stuff.”

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