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Crouching behind the wall in the backyard, Mu Feichi listened carefully to the rhythmic code being tapped out by Li Zilan.

After being sure that it was safe for him to enter the location where they were being held, he quickly climbed into the backyard.

Then Mu Feichi swiftly took care of the two soldiers guarding the gates in the backyard before quietly entering the house.

The house was divided into two rooms.

The special forces were locked in the room on the left and the refugees on the right, while the soldiers guarding them were gathered in the front yard.

The members of the special forces all looked toward the door when they saw Mu Feichi, and the understanding and spirit that they shared from fighting side by side for all these years suddenly came gushing out.

Several of the special forces who had untied themselves already walked toward him quickly and formed a line.

The team leaders, Li Zilan and Jin Lei, stood in front and reported the current situation to him.

“During the past two days, weve roughly figured out the situation around this vicinity.

There arent many guards in the backyard.

Most of them are gathered in the front yard and the center courtyard, and they make the occasional patrols outside.

But it seems that there are much fewer of them today.

I noticed a small group of them going out this morning, and it seems they havent returned.”

Mu Feichi nodded and swept his sharp eyes across his teammates.

After making sure that none of them were injured, he finally felt some relief.

“I asked about it when I arrived here.

Their leader has taken more than half of their men into the city.

They probably went to parley with the President.

The current situation is favorable to us.

With so few of them left in the town, its the perfect time for us to break out.”

“Young Commander, whats your plan” Jin Lei gazed at him.

They had a large number of refugees with them.

Getting themselves out was easy, but ensuring the refugees could escape unscathed was not.

Mu Feichi unfolded the topographical map he had brought with him and placed it on the ground, and the others squatted down along with him.

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“There are three evacuation routes in the town.

Lie Huo and the others will cover us from a vantage point on the left while we take care of the men in the front yard.

Team Two will wait for you guys to evacuate together at the evacuation point in the square, and Niao and Yun Xi will gather with Team One on the right evacuation route to exhaust the firepower they have in town while covering for Team Twos evacuation.

As soon as we walk out of here, the second group of evacuating refugees from out of the town will gather in the square with the special forces, seizing the opportunity to break out of town.

We dont have much time, so we cant backtrack.

This is the only chance we have to leave.”

“…” When everyone heard that Yun Xi had tagged along, they all peeled their eyes away from the map simultaneously and looked up at the man who seemed calm and collected as always while commanding his team with vim and vigor.

The same expression of shock and speechlessness was written on all of their faces.

Perhaps Fenghuang Cheng and the others were still unaware of what that girl meant to the Young Commander, but it was clear as day to them.

After that girl started staying at Tianyu Mountain, the Young Commander had broken one exception after another just for her.

Forget about how protective he was of her, they all felt as though they were forcibly being made to watch them flaunt their love around.

At a critical time like this, he was willing to let her come to the battlefield Did the sun rise from the west this morning

Li Zilans lips curled into a smirk.

Whoever that bold fool was to bring Yun Xi along to the battlefield, this was still Yun Xis very first step onto this path of life.

At the very least, it would be good training and experience for the little girl.

“Once we get out, all of you cover the refugees and lead them to the square and then immediately exit the town as soon as you get there.

The evacuation routes are here.

Both groups of refugees must leave the town safely.

Do you understand”

Mu Feichi stood up and glanced at them.

“Where are your weapons and equipment”

“They have all been confiscated, but Ive managed to acquire the location to where theyre being kept.”

“The two buildings next to the outer courtyard are where they store their equipment.

There are plenty of weapons and ammunition, especially grenades.” Jin Lei smirked and turned to look at Li Zilan.

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