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Mu Feichi hurried through the alley.

The alley was on lower ground, which made him an easy target for snipers overlooking the alley from vantage points.

Despite how cautious he was being, the sound of a sudden gunshot from an unknown location collided with the sound of the rumbling vehicle, and, despite how quick he was, a bullet still flew right past his shoulder.

The lightning footsteps stopped.

Before the sniper could fire a second shot, he quickly turned around, lowered his body, and rolled over to the tattered fence beside him.

“Snipers! Cheng, eliminate the target!”

Before Mu Feichi had finished his sentence, Fenghuang Cheng, who was at a vantage point, had already fired a shot.

When the enemy had fired a shot earlier, his location had been exposed.

Fenghuang Cheng reacted immediately and fired as soon as he had determined the enemys position.

“Target eliminated!” From his vantage point, Fenghuang Cheng hid behind the wall and replied calmly.

“Mu Feichi! Mu Feichi, are you okay” When Yun Xi saw that Mu Feichi had been shot at, she immediately panicked.

As he shouted anxiously back at her, his heart was pounding in his throat.

“Im fine! Im not sure if there are any other snipers around.

You stay there and dont move!”

Mu Feichi tilted his head to look at the bruise on his shoulder.

It was nothing serious, just a little scratch on his skin.

Lowering his voice, he said to Fenghuang Cheng, “Cheng, your position has been exposed now.

Leave the vantage point and set up bait.

Niao, kill the target on sight!”

“Roger that!” The two responded in unison.

Fenghuang Cheng took off his helmet and put it next to the gun.

Then he lowered his body and crawled down from the vantage point.

Almost immediately, a second shot sounded, and the target struck Fenghuang Chengs helmet.

As if simultaneously, in just the next second, Fenghuang Niao fired a shot from her vantage point where she was lurking, hitting the target right where it hurt.

“Boss, target eliminated!”

“Cover Yun Xi and come down, evacuate immediately!”

“Roger that!” Fenghuang Niao replied.

When she looked up, she saw that Yun Xi had already strapped on her backpack and was descending from the vantage point, while quickly scouting for a place to take cover on her way down.

She was too quick for Fenghuang Niao to even try and stop her.

Fenghuang Cheng patted Niao on the shoulder and gave her a wink.

He covered Yun Xi to safety, all the way from the vantage point to where Mu Feichi was hiding.

Seeing her coming down, Mu Feichi glanced at the van that had already driven off quite a distance, then he pulled her in back of his body to keep her hidden.

“Are you okay Where are you hurt” Yun Xi looked at the torn shoulder on his military jacket and reached out to touch a puddle of blood.

“Dont move! Let me see!”

“Im fine! Dont worry, its just a scratch.

We have to leave quickly.”

Yun Xi quickly took out a cylinder of hemostatic powder from her pocket and emptied the whole cylinder onto his shoulder with trembling hands.

Then she lifted her hand and pressed on it gently.

“You need to stop the bleeding first.

We havent much time.

Im going to set up some mines.

Dont follow me!”

Each of them had a task of their own, and now that the van had driven away, all that was left to do was to exhaust the enemys firepower in the city and to protect the van, allowing it to reach the square safely.

Mu Feichi casually pressed the powder onto his shoulder with his good arm, then with that same blood-stained hand, he immediately clenched the sniper rifle firmly, his eyes dark and sharp.

“I have your back!”

Yun Xi nodded gently.

Although he was injured, she still had absolute trust in him.

Because standing behind her was not only him, but also the Fenghuang siblings watching her back.

Not long after, Li Huo and his team came rushing over with a hijacked vehicle.

With trained agility, Yun Xi had quickly put together her first bomb.

She waved at Li Huo and the rest of them, then helped Mu Feichi get into the vehicle.

“Drive!” The vehicle sputtered to life and sped off.

Fenghuang Cheng and Fenghuang Niao had also jumped into the back seat to be on the lookout.

After about a dozen yards, Yun Xi got out of the vehicle and quickly laid another mine while the rest of them hurried to the square.

“Young Commander, theyre not here yet.

What do we do now”

Li Zilan looked at the time.

They had gotten to the square first.

However, the second group of refugees had not yet arrived.

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