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Yun Xi looked up at the soldiers in the helicopters above her head aiming at the independent army, and suddenly she felt a ray of hope.

“The reinforcements team is here!”

“Isnt that just an ordinary helicopter Why is it…” Mu Feichi looked at the helicopter hovering above, uncertain of who these reinforcement teams belonged to.

The two helicopters descended to a lower altitude, and the soldiers on the helicopters quickly slid down ropes to the ground.

Yun Xi became confounded as well when she saw a group of soldiers all geared up, without badges or any identification symbols on them.

“I dont know…” The roaring sounds and explosions in their ears reminded them that this was a friendly army here to rescue them.

A familiar voice came from the side alley.

Mu Feichi and Yun Xi looked over and saw two figures running in their direction.

They were not at all surprised to see San Qing, who had returned, but what puzzled them was the sight of Xiao Jinglin being here.


Xiao” Yun Xi was immediately stunned when she saw Xiao Jinglin dressed in a camouflage combat uniform.

He was the one who needed to be protected.

What was he doing in such a dangerous place

Mu Feichi glanced at the group of foreign mercenaries who followed behind Xiao Jinglin.

Although he was surprised, he still maintained his composure.

“Watch out!” Xiao Jinglin caught sight of the independent army corps attacking from the opposite end.

He suddenly rushed toward the two people, and the sound of several gunshots followed.

Xiaoer and Xiaosi quickly reacted, lowering their bodies while they opened fire.

As soon as they took care of the soldiers on the opposite side, they ran toward the three people who had hit the ground and carefully helped Xiao Jinglin up.

Before Xiao Jinglin could steady himself, he looked at Yun Xi with a face filled with undisguised worry and panic.

“Yun Xi, are you all right”

Xiao Jinglin turned to look at the war-bespattered little girl in front of him, running his eyes over her carefully.

After making sure she hadnt been injured, he finally heaved a sigh of relief.


Xiao, are you okay” Yun Xi glanced at Xiaoer and Xiaosi who were standing in front of her.

Seeing that Xiao Jinglin wasnt hurt, she felt more at ease.

Xiao Jinglins nervous reaction and unusual behavior immediately made Mu Feichi frown, and doubts began to fill his heart.

Yun Xi checked out the surroundings, then quickly pulled Xiao Jinglin to the corner of a wall, looking anxious and worried.


Xiao, why are you here Its way too dangerous out here.”

“If I hadnt come, how would you even have escaped Since the military of Jun Country isnt allowed to enter country F, I had to be the one to come.”

Xiao Jinglin nodded toward Xiaoer and ordered coldly, “You, take the mercenaries and cover the evacuation of the other team members.

Concentrate your firepower on pushing back this independent army, and evacuate with the rest when you get the chance.

If the independent army gives up pursuit, then we neednt continue either.

We can get out immediately.

If they follow us all the way out of town, then we wont hold back!”

Xiaoer looked at the mercenaries and gave a hand signal.

The mercenaries from various countries who had disembarked from the helicopters quickly dispersed into every corner and aimed their dark cold weapons at the independent army barricading the street ahead.

While they were busy intercepting the independent army, Xiao Jinglin stretched out his hand and pulled Yun Xi up from the ground.

“Hurry up! The mercenaries here will take care of the rest, lets evacuate now!”

“But…wont they be in danger”

“They are all brave and skilled mercenaries of many battlefields.

So long as they dont take pleasure in starting wars, theyll be fine.

Come on!”

Xiao Jinglin winked at Mu Feichi, and then the two of them carried Yun Xi and led the other team members from the alley to the helicopters parked by the towns exit.

They quickly got on the choppers and took off following the evacuation route that the refugees had taken.

Finally, the two helicopters escorted the evacuees all the way to the port.

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