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Chapter 155: Such Cr*ppy Evidence

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“Your own belongings have been found at the scene of a theft, but now youre trying to pin the blame on me.

Yun Xi, you are too shameless!”

“Cousin, dont try to wipe your hands clean so fast.

There will be a chance for you to explain yourself thoroughly later.”

“What is there to explain Dont change the subject.

You stole the exam paper.

You have to give everyone an explanation.”

“I said I didnt steal anything.

That bracelet has always been in your hands.

What if I say you took the bracelet and threw it in there to frame me”

Since she had indeed guessed correctly, Liang Xinyi immediately felt as if she were choking.

She simply stared at her for a while, not knowing how to refute her.

She was afraid that Yun Xi would catch her in a lie if she said something wrong, and she was even more worried that she might accidentally reveal something by saying too much.

Since they were on the same side, when Yang Lu saw that Liang Xinyi had been rendered speechless by Yun Xi, she quickly stood up.

“Yun Xi, it wouldnt matter if you admitted that you did something wrong.

Teacher Xu wouldnt have punished you.

How can you pin the blame on your cousin now Why cant you own up to your deeds”

“I will own up to what I do, but as for what I dont do, dont even think about pinning the blame on me.”

Yun Xi glanced at Yang Lu, this stupid pawn, and she sneered.

Her eyes had a fierce and resolute expression.

Liang Xinyi tugged at the hem of Liang Xiuqins clothes weakly.

Since Yun Xi had refused to admit doing anything wrong, it could only be detrimental to her if this kept dragging on.

Of course, Liang Xiuqin knew that the bracelet had been planted by Liang Xinyi.

She also wanted to see Yun Xi punished, so she naturally stood on Liang Xinyis side unconditionally.

As long as the results were good, she didnt mind adding fuel to the flames.

“Wretched girl, how dare you try to ruin your cousins reputation when you did something wrong.

Have you become so horrible after learning the ways of the countryside”

Liang Xiuqin stood up angrily and was about to reach out to pull on Yun Xis arm, but Yun Xi dodged her easily.

Since she couldnt catch her, Liang Xiuqins face grew sour.

“Wretched girl, if you stole it, you stole it.

If you admit your mistakes, your dad and I can still intercede for you.

But if you blabber such nonsense to ruin your cousins reputation, I will discipline you when we get back home.”

Yun Xi smirked coldly.

“I didnt do it, so I wont admit guilt.


She turned to look at Yang Lu, who was standing on the sidelines with pleasure at Yun Xis embarrassment in her eyes, and then looked at Liang Xinyi, who appeared pathetic.

Stepping forward, she patted Yang Lus arm hard.

Yang Lu was caught off guard and glared at her.

“Why are you hitting me”

Yun Xi snorted softly.

How stupid.

no wonder Liang Xinyi had chosen her as an accomplice to stab her in the back without getting her own hands dirty.

“I would like to ask you something.

This bracelet jingles when you touch it.

It was a bracelet I wore when I was a baby, and I had long ago outgrown it.

It was a precious collectible item, so why would I carry it around with me instead of keeping it in my drawer If I had really come in here and stolen the exam paper, wouldnt I hear it fall to the ground instead of waiting for your team to frame me Dont you think such cr*ppy evidence is rather pathetic”

Yang Lu was about to answer her when Yun Xi unceremoniously interrupted her.

“Even if I hadnt heard it drop, Yang Lu, you tell me, you said I entered the storage room.

Where did I get in from”

“Do you think I dont know I watched you climb in.”

With that, Yang Lu walked to the broken window, pointed to it, and said, “This window is broken! You can open it and climb in.”

Yun Xi sneered and stepped forward, reached out to unlock the window lock, then turned to look at Yang Lu with a smug expression.

“It has no lock and is broken.

Yes, you can actually climb in from here.

Teacher Xu, remember to report to the school administration to change the window lock.”

“Look! This is the evidence.

Yun Xi, I think you should stop making excuses.

If you stole it, you stole it.”

“Dont worry, Yang Lu, if Id stolen it, I wouldnt deny it.

However, I want to ask you, do you know what the grudge between me and Liang Xinyi is all about”

“What does the grudge between you two have to do with me”

Yang Lu didnt know what Yun Xi was trying to achieve by stalling.

Besides, the evidence was in front of her and in front of so many parents, she wasnt afraid of anything now.

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