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Speaking of the bracelet, Yun Xi suddenly recalled that Xiao Jinglin had asked her about it twice, which was quite a surprise.

She gazed up at the slightly disappointed Xiao Jinglin who was sitting across from her and waved the bracelet in her hand curiously.


Xiao, dont tell me you came all this way just for this bracelet” If that were true, then that meant there definitely was something behind this bracelet.

Xiao Jinglin nodded subtly, then lowered his head and undid the steel watch on his wrist and passed it to her.

“Have a look.

Is this the special pattern you mentioned”

Yun Xi took the watch he handed over curiously and laid it out on the palm of her hand.

The inner circle of the steel strap was also engraved with a line of strange patterns and wordings.

After careful comparison, she realized that it was the same patterned text that was engraved on both sides of her bracelet.

Mu Feichi took a brief look and was equally as surprised by this coincidence.

He suddenly whipped his head up to look at Xiao Jinglin sitting across from him, unable to hide the surprise and disbelief in his deep dark eyes.

He knew very well that Xiao Jinglin always wore this watch wherever he went.

The head of a hugely wealthy family like him could own any number of luxury watches, yet he had only ever seen the man wearing this same one over the years, and the pattern engraved on it was the Xiao family totem.

However, anything engraved with the Xiao family totem was no ordinary item.

Anyone could tell at a glance that this bracelet was meant for a child, yet it happened to be in Yun Xis possession…

A certain thought flashed across his mind, and Mu Feichi silently stared at the man across him with his sharp brows crunched into a frown.

“How strange…that both of them have the same patterns and wording…”

As if something had suddenly dawned on her, Yun Xi raised her head.

After a long pause, she finally found the words to form her sentence.

“H…how could this be”

“This bracelet is a token passed down for generations from our ancestors to the eldest son and eldest daughter of the family.

The pattern engraved on it is the Xiao family totem.”

“This…” Yun Xi looked down at the objects in both her hands, then looked back at Xiao Jinglins solemn expression, feeling a little overwhelmed.

“Why would something that belonged to the Xiao family end up in my hands…”

“Thats what Id like to know as well.” Xiao Jinglin smiled faintly.

“Back in the day, I had given this bracelet to Rong Rong, and the bracelet disappeared along with her.

To this very day, her whereabouts are still unknown, yet somehow this has appeared…”

If it hadnt been for this bracelet, and such coincidental timing, he would never have dared to guess that she might actually be his daughter.

However, he had not had the chance to verify anything yet.

Without having done a DNA test to affirm his speculations, he did not dare say more.

He certainly did not want to make her think that they might be related, for fear of rejoicing too soon, just to be let down in the end.

For over ten years, he had endured this short-lived happiness countless times.

He had been full of hope, yet ironically, had met with disappointment time and time again.

Him bearing such disappointment alone was enough for both of them.

“I dont know how this bracelet ended up with me.

Ive asked my aunt, and she said she had never seen this bracelet before.

When I was a child, I wore two silver bracelets, and now there is only one left.

But my cousin also said that this was the bracelet I had with me when I went to live in my hometown.

In all these years, I never knew of its existence, so I have to go back and ask my uncle to find out what really happened.”

This bracelet had led to a series of events that had made her brain swell from all the mystery behind it.

The bracelet was related to the whereabouts of Ms.

Rong, and it was also a token of the Xiao family, yet somehow, this bracelet had fallen into her hands.

If this bracelet had actually belonged to her, she could at least explain how she got it, but she didnt even have a clue whether this was hers.

Now, apart from Chen Lixue, the only other person who could possibly have the answers to these questions was her uncle.

Whats more, when she had received this bracelet, she had started to have doubts about why she had been sent back to her hometown.

It was just as well that she also wanted to find out from her uncle about the whereabouts of the aunt who had sent her to the countryside.

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