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When the private plane landed at the military airport, it was already late at night.

She hadnt had a good rest for two days in a row.

After Yun Xi got off the plane, she fell asleep immediately.

Dazed, she could feel Mu Feichi carrying her out of the car.

At the entrance of Mu Mansion, Mu Feichi got out of the car with the little creature curled up in his arms.

Xiao Jinglin followed behind and looked at Yun Xi who was fast asleep in Mu Feichis arms, but he did not know how to say the words that were hanging on the tip of his tongue.

At the iron gate entrance, Mu Feichi halted.

Then he tilted his head to look at the figure behind him.

As if reading the mans mind, he said solemnly, “Mr.

Jing, shes been through h*ll for the past two days.

We can talk more when the girl wakes up tomorrow.”

“All right, then.” Xiao Jinglin nodded quietly and watched them enter the house.

He then turned around and stepped into the courtyard next door.

As they entered Mu Mansion, the butler finally breathed a sigh of relief when he saw that the two had returned safely.

“Young Master, the soup in the kitchen is still warm.

Would you like to have a light meal before going to bed”

“No, leave it to tomorrow.

You should get some rest too.”

Mu Feichi lowered his eyes and looked at the person who had woken up but was pretending to be asleep in his arms.

With a smirk on his face, he turned around and went up the stairs.

As he was ascending the stairs, Mu Feichi patted the little vixen in his arms on her butt.

“Are you awake Are you hungry”

The door to the master bedroom shut with a click, and the woman who had been leaning against his shoulders lifted her head abruptly.

Blinking her watery eyes that were still hazy, she glared at him and whined in dissatisfaction, “You shouldve woken me up when we arrived.


Xiao was just next to us! That was so embarrassing!”

Seeming as though she was actually embarrassed, her legs hanging around his waist gave him a kick from behind.

The adorable whining voice she made was a fatal seduction for this man who had just returned from the battlefield after barely escaping death.

Mu Feichi looked down at the woman in his arms, and a flame suddenly ignited in his deep dark eyes.

He turned around and pushed her hard against the wall next to the door.

Yun Xi was stunned for a moment, then she looked up to meet a certain someones eyes who was dying to tear her apart.

Those bottomless eyes were raging with undisguised desire.

The mans breath, charging with pheromones, gushed toward her face.

Their eyes met for only a brief moment, and she felt powerless against his overwhelming tenderness that could almost take her breath away, then her tensed body began to relax.

There were certain types of people who were like walking pheromones and could easily arouse your darkest desires.

As for Mu Feichi, all he needed to do was to give her one look to make her want to sleep with him.

“Mu Feichi…” The mans charming face moved closer to her.

Panting softly, she gazed up, the hand around his neck tightened unconsciously, and a wave of uncontrollable lust swelled in her body, as though…she was yearning to sleep with him.

It was the first time in her life that she had had such crazy thoughts in her head.

Maybe it was because she had just returned from the battlefield.

After coming face to face with death, she felt a sense of courage she had never felt before, to do the things she had never dared to do, to cherish those she held dear, and to fiercely love the man she adored.

Turning her head, she squinted her eyes and leaned close to his ear.

Her pink lips kissed the bottom of his earlobe, and she whispered in a soft and sultry voice, “What if I suddenly had the urge to sleep with you…”

With their hearts so close to each other, while still fully dressed in their combat uniforms, she could feel the primitive and insane desires charging between them: the urge to possess and to be each others one and only soulmate.

The man who was also burning with lust gradually tightened his arms around her waist, and his dark eyes sparkled brightly, like a man rejoicing over his newfound treasure.

A raspy voice breathed onto her neck, “Well…Im right here, baby.

You can sleep with me in any position you want, and Ill give it to you…”

It was only at this moment that he felt no regrets that he had let her go to the battlefield, because now there was nothing keeping them apart.

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