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She lifted her eyes and stared at the black form that was pressing down on her.

Mu Feichis charming face came toward her, followed by his dominating, rough, and demanding kiss.

He had only wanted to have a little taste, but now he could no longer suppress the raging flames within him, and his gentle kiss suddenly turned into thirsty desire.

His breathing became heavier and heavier, and so did his kisses…

“Um…I…I havent showered yet… Im dirty…”

After two days of rolling around on the battlefield, she was so dirty that she could barely stand herself.

But this man who had a one-track mind couldnt possibly let her go so easily, especially not at a time like this.

After all, this little vixen was the one who had started all this.

His warm tongue exuded an unbearable force, pressing against her lips.

Lost in a trance, Yun Xi felt her eyes beginning to blur, and unknowingly her breathing became rapid and disordered…

For fear of losing control in this situation, she nervously pushed him away, but no matter how hard she tried, she was no match against his unyielding strength.

Out of desperation, she opened her mouth and bit on his lips, her blurry eyes focused on him, and her consciousness gradually came back to her…

“Its okay, I dont mind.”

MMM! “Then you can wash up after were done!”

His domineering tone exemplified the mans unquestionable persona and tenacity.

Before she could come to her senses, the scorching kiss had already enveloped her.

Their thin lips devoured one another, and the mans dominating aura rolled in like thunder.

The scorching kiss gradually awakened every tingling sensation throughout her body.

Perhaps it was because of what he had just said, but she suddenly felt the urge to cast everything aside.

She put her hands around his neck and responded passionately.

Her kiss, so soft and gentle, sparked the flickering flames into a blaze that resembled a fire in an open field.

The little vixens gentle pressure tugged at the last nerve he was secretly struggling to contain.

Her aggressiveness tonight was slowly breaking down his already shaken self-control and endurance bit by bit.

Her pink lips gnawed at his lips firmly, unskilled yet seductive enough to drive a man insane.

When she felt him trembling, she suddenly released her grasp and moved her restless fingers to unbutton his camouflage uniform.

Her cold little hands brushed against his fiery chest, and his last tense nerve broke with a loud twang in his head.

His body was pressing against her tightly, and she could almost feel his thirsty desire.

Her mind was blaring loudly like a train traveling through a tunnel, yet it all seemed blank.

Mu Feichi leaned over and pressed his body up against her, his lips and tongue ran wildly along her neck with one hand lingering on her neckline, then he whispered the word he used exclusively for her, “Babe…”

Calling out to her in a deep raspy voice, his breath intertwined with his unbearable self-constraint.

His hoarse voice was filled with emotions he was struggling to hold back, as he said, “I have searched through heaven and hell just for you… I will never let you go for as long as I live.”

She pried her eyes open ever so slightly.

Through her blurry vision, she saw the solemn and unyielding obsession written on the mans face.

For a moment, as her body and mind were deeply moved, a delicate and tingling numbness seared through her chest.

She had found in him something similar to a sense of belonging.

It was that something she had always longed for but could never grasp.

It made her want to get closer and succumb to her temptations.

Even in her last life, she never felt this sensation from Han Yaotian.

This was why every time Mu Feichi was nice to her, she started to have an unsettling feeling of wanting to hold onto something more.

It was probably because he had spoiled her so utterly with his affections.

She had never wanted anything desperately before, and now there was something she finally was really yearning for.

It was like tonight.

They had only just returned from the hail of bullets with the excitement and joy of escaping death and having the rest of their lives ahead of them.

When she heard the words he said, she could not think of a better way to grab hold of what she yearned for besides this!

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