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Mu Feichis words felt like a bucket of cold water that had suddenly been poured onto Xiao Jinglin, calming his excitement immediately.

The man had spent the better part of his last 20 years alone, searching for his loved one.

For him to suddenly become a father and to suddenly have a daughter, he had no idea how to express his excitement and nervousness.

He had even lost his normal rational, calm character.

“Its true.

I…I havent thought of that yet… This is so sudden.

I dont know how she will handle the news…”

It took Xiao Jinglin a few seconds to respond.

Although it was happy news, it was also huge news.

They were worried that the sudden revelation that her father was someone else than she had thought might shock her too much.

Mu Feichi turned to look toward the first floor and let out a long sigh.

“She has suffered a lot during the past few years, never experiencing what its like to be loved by a father or a mother.

When she came back to Jingdu, all Yun Yuanfeng did was try to use her over and over again.

The truth is that she still yearns for the love from her parents, but unfortunately, the Yun family could not give her the thing that she wanted the most.”

Xiao Jinglin had heard a bit about Yun Xis past during the days he had spent at Mu Mansion.

However, when Mu Feichi brought it up again now, it hurt him a lot.

He had missed 18 years of his daughters life.

No matter how much he would try to remedy that, there would still be some regrets.

“Just tell her the truth,” Mu Feichi said.

“Shes stronger than we think.

Well have to face this now or later.”

When they went into the mansion, Yun Xi had already changed and was waiting for Mu Feichi in the living room.

When she saw Xiao Jinglin, she greeted him respectfully.

Since she had to return to school for an experiment, she had changed into a pink sweater paired with a long skirt in the same color.

The soft color made her look young and bustling with life, as if she was a plum blossom that had come to flower in the winter.

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Xiao Jinglin stared at this beautiful girl who had her hair tied into a bun and finally understood why he had always felt a sense of familiarity with her.

Not only had she inherited her mothers beauty, but also the sense that she looked soft yet courageous at the same time.

“Have you two eaten yet” Yun Xi asked Xiao Jinglin and Mu Feichi, who were both staring at her.

“Not yet.

Its still early.

Come on.

Lets eat.” Mu Feichi took a glance at Xiao Jinglin before walking toward the dining room with Yun Xi by his side.

The butler had already put breakfast on the dining table.

Yun Xi took a sip of her hot drink and frowned immediately.

It took her a lot of effort to swallow the milk before gently pushing the glass to Mu Feichi.

The butler smiled apologetically.

“My apologies.

Heres your soy milk, Ms.


Yun Xi pointed at the new glass and turned to Mu Feichi.

“I think I might have caught a cold.

I cant smell anything.

Try it.”

Due to the battle she had been through and the fact that they had sex in the bathroom for more than two hours, her body was exhausted, and she had caught a cold despite spending a whole night in the heated bedroom.

“A cold” Mu Feichi could hear that her voice was muffled a little.

He extended his hand to touch her forehead and realized it was warmer than usual.

He took a sip to confirm that the new glass had soy milk in it before putting it in front of Yun Xi.

“Take some medications after breakfast.

You have a fever too.”

Yun Xi blushed as she kicked Mu Feichi under the table, blaming him for making her sick.

“Yes, yes.

Its all my fault.

You can scold me as much as you want after you eat your breakfast, all right” Mu Feichi sighed.

“We have something to tell you later too.”

Yun Xi nodded.

She was starving since she had been completely drained of energy the night before

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