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Xiao Jinglin remained silent as he looked at the glass of soy milk in his hand.

He couldnt help but find it funny.

Blood relations were really interesting and mysterious at the same time.

Just like Yun Xi, he did not like milk, as he couldnt stand the raw taste it had.

Despite spending most of his life abroad, the only milk he had ever consumed was soy milk.

The man had never expected that his daughter would inherit that from him.

“Thats right.


Xiao, I called my uncle to ask about the bracelet just now.

He said that I had it with me when I was sent to the village, but my aunt said she had never seen it before and it doesnt seem like something my mother would have possessed.

Its a mystery as to how I got this bracelet.

The only way to know would be to ask the lady who brought me to the village.”

Mu Feichi and Xiao Jinglin exchanged glances as it wasnt important as to how she got the bracelet since it would have been hers from the start.

“Ill look for her.

Dont worry,” Mu Feichi said.

If they could locate the person who took Yun Xi to the village when she was young, they should be able to track Ms.

Rongs location from there.

This lady would probably be the last known person who met Ms.

Rong in person.

“As for the bracelet…” the Young Commander paused and turned to look at Xiao Jinglin.

Xiao Jinglin grabbed the file and hesitated.

He turned to look at the innocent lady and steeled his heart, taking the bracelet out of the file and showing it to her.

“This bracelet.

It belongs to you.

Your mother, Rong Rong, left it for you…”

“Huh” Yun Xi reacted quickly to the word and looked at Xiao Jinglin in confusion.

She blinked, and it took her a second to decode what he meant.


Xiao, what do you mean Are you saying Ms.

Rong is my mother”

She knew that Rong Rong was the love of Xiao Jinglins life and his wife.

It just didnt make sense when he said that Rong Rong was her mother.

Xiao Jinglin nodded and handed Yun Xi the paternity test.

“You are in the medical field.

Im sure you can understand this.”

Yun Xi subconsciously turned to look at Mu Feichi.

Her eyes were filled with confusion as both of the men did not seem as if they were joking around.

After a moment of hesitation, she took the document from Xiao Jinglin as she had already guessed what it was.

Seeing how confused she seemed, Mu Feichi grabbed her hand and patted her head.

“Take a look at it.

Rather than making guesses, its better to know the answer.

You were the one who told me this.

No matter what the result is, Ill always be with you.”

Yun Xi looked at him.

The sincerity in Mu Feichi and Xiao Jinglins eyes gave Yun Xi the courage to face reality.

She took the result out of the file.

On top of the report were two photos in black and white.

One was a photo of her hair, while the other was Xiao Jinglins blood sample.

It was a paternity test just as she had guessed.

Even though it wasnt hard for her to understand the complex genetics data in the middle, she browsed through it and her sight landed on the result.

The result was a 99.8 percent match.

With Su Hangs signature on it, she could confirm that the report was an authentic one and it wasnt a joke.

Her eyes widened as she now learned that she was Xiao Jinglins daughter.

She couldnt cope with it.

“This…” Yun Xi coughed as she looked at Xiao Jinglin.

She couldnt comprehend the situation and choked on the shrimp dumpling that she had been chewing.

The two men got up at the same time and patted her back to help her swallow her food.

Although the two men cared deeply about her, they had different affections for her.

Yun Xi finally managed to swallow the dumpling with the help of a glass full of soy milk.

She then looked at Xiao Jinglin and stammered, “I…I… But… Im Mr.

Xiaos daughter But, how”

As someone who studied medicine, she knew that the paternity test couldnt lie.

What puzzled her was that if she was Xiao Jinglins daughter, then how did she end up with the Yun family and get sent to Muyang to spend her childhood and most of her teenage years.

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