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“Ive been looking for Ronger ever since she disappeared.

Her last known location was a small town in Jiangnan.

I wouldnt even have known that I had a daughter if not for the bracelet.”

“H…hold up.

Im a little confused…” The sudden news had caught Yun Xi completely by surprise.

Her mind was in complete chaos as if it had been thrown into a blender.

She was having a hard time comprehending it.

“If Im your daughter, then where is the real Yun Xi Why would I get sent to the village as Yun Yuanfengs daughter”

As someone who had been reincarnated, she was shocked by the fact that she had never even once questioned her past life.

It was as if the moment she came back to Jingdu to exact her revenge, everyones fates had changed.

“I cant answer those questions now.

We can only learn of what happened back then after we find your mother.

If Im not wrong, she would never abandon you.

If I could have just come back earlier…”

There was no if in real life.

Yet, Xiao Jinglin still regretted his choice of not returning earlier.

At least he would never have had to spend the last 20 years looking for a person, nor would he have had to let his daughter grow up without ever experiencing the love she needed from her parents.

“T…this is too sudden…” Yun Xi put the file down on the table and got up.

She had completely lost her appetite and she took a few steps back.

“Everything is so confusing… I need to clear my mind.”

After taking a few deep breaths, she didnt even wait for the two men to say anything and darted up the stairs.

“Yun Xi…” Xiao Jinglin was pained by the sight of his daughter running away.

Similar to Yun Xi, this man was also completely shocked by the sudden news.


Jing, let her be.

We should give her some time alone.”

Xiao Jinglin took a deep breath before forcing himself to turn his face away from where Yun Xi had fled.

“I just hope that I didnt scare her too much.”

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“Shes stronger than we think.

Its just that she doesnt know how to face you yet.”

“I understand…” Xiao Jinglin picked up the gold bracelet up and clasped it tightly.

“I have to get back to country M soon to tell my father about this.

Now that we have a clue, Ill leave finding Ronger to you.

Ill come back as soon as I can.”

“Ill do my best.” Mu Feichi got up and headed into the living room to pick up a paper bag.

“In this bag are all the photos and videos of Yun Xis life and awards that she has received since coming back to Jingdu, including her coming-of-age ceremony and the socialite ball.

Even though you missed them, I still think youll want to see the life she had been living up until now.

Its going to be a long flight back, so these should help you pass your time.”

Xiao Jinglin was shocked as he took the heavy bag from Mu Feichi.

He hugged it tightly as if it was an expensive treasure.

The man could not hide the emotion on his refined face.

When Xiao Jinglin tried to express his gratitude, Mu Feichi spoke first.

“You dont have to thank me.

I just hope that when I take her away from you, as her father, youll be ready to let go of her.”

Xiao Jinglins excited expression immediately turned into an angry glare.

He could not believe that the Young Commander actually had the nerve to try and claim his daughter before he could even get her back.

“You brat! You really make use of every chance you have, huh And here I was, thinking you are being so generous.

You are trying to bribe me.”

Mu Feichi shrugged as if his reaction was natural.

“What can I do As long as we arent married yet, Ill have to do my best.

Your daughter is not an easy target.

Ill have to do my best for my happy future.”

Before having a daughter, Xiao Jinglin had never understood why other men would treat their daughters as their own treasures.

However, the more he looked at Mu Feichi who would be his potential son-in-law, the more annoyed he became.

It was as if this perfect young man was suddenly filled with flaws.

“Drop your grin! Im warning you, shes still too young to get pregnant.

If anything happens to her, dont blame me for doing everything I can to separate you.

No one can hurt Xiao Jinglins daughter!”

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