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Mu Feichi smiled and nodded.

“I know.

I feel just like you.

Do you think I want to see her get hurt”

“You had better be! Ill leave Xiaoer and Xiaosi here to protect her for the time being.

They have been trained by my family ever since they were children, and Im confident that they are as good as your special forces.

Since Yun Xi is now the eldest child of the Xiao family, they will pledge their allegiance to her.”

“Sure thing.

I dont mind that at all.” With Crocodile still out on the loose, Yun Xis safety had always been Mu Feichis main concern no matter what.

“Ive also looked into this Crocodile youve been talking about.

She has already become a target for his group.

You have to steel your mind now and take necessary actions when needed.”

Mu Feichi raised a brow and nodded.

Xiao Jinglin was definitely the head of the Xiao family.

Now that he had a person he had to protect, his efficiency was jaw-dropping.

“I know now where she gets her personality from.

Shes pretty much a copy of you when handling stuff.”

Even though the Young Commanders words did not sound like a compliment, Xiao Jinglin still reacted with a proud expression.

“Of course! Shes my daughter.

Theres no way she could be bad.”

“The situation in Jingdu is completely different compared to when you were here last.

She has done something that Ive always wanted to do, but couldnt.

She has kicked the Han family out of the big four wealthiest families and broken the balance of power in Jingdu.

She then took the chance to help the Qiao family, a secret chess piece that the Prime Minister had been hiding, to gain the big four wealthiest families status.

With the confrontation between the Qiao family and the Han family, we have been able to get rid of the Prime Ministers power one by one from the inside.

Shes removing all of the obstacles and threats for me, which is why Crocodile has now targeted her.

The details are in the file.

Take your time and read through it, and youll see how amazing your daughter really is.”

Xiao Jinglin had heard bits of talk about the current situation in Jingdu.

However, he had had no idea that it had all been caused by Yun Xi.

For her to be able to change Jingdu so much with the help of Mu Feichi showed that she was an outstanding tactician.

“What You couldnt solve the war thats going on between you and the Prime Minister, so you brought her in”


This is what she wants.

I dont know why, but she has some profound hatred toward the Qiao family and the Han family.

She never told me the reason, and I never asked.

If thats what she wants to do, then I dont mind becoming a tyrant to help her.”

Xiao Jinglin looked at the Young Commander and said, “If thats the case, then protect her well.”

“I know.

Thats my duty.”

After sending Xiao Jinglin away, Mu Feichi took the remaining breakfast and headed to the first floor.

He stopped outside the master bedroom and looked at the person who was sitting at the bay window.

He gently knocked on the door and went in.


Youve only taken a few bites just now.

Have some more.” Mu Feichi carried the small tea table over and set the breakfast down in front of Yun Xi before sitting down in front of her.

The curtain was open and outside the window was a world covered in white snow.

Through the window, one could see the car that was descending the mountain.

Yun Xi slowly turned to look at the man sitting in front of her.

A few seconds of silence later, she finally asked, “Wheres Mr.

Xiao going”

“Hes on his way to the airport.

He has to go back to country M.

As the head of the Xiao family, he has spent the past 20 years of his life alone, and he spends most of his time searching for Ms.


For him to suddenly have a daughter is huge news for the Xiao family.

It means that the family now has an heir, and he has to go back to relay the news.”

“I…I dont know what I should do.

This is all too sudden.”

Yun Xi raised her head to look at Mu Feichi.

Her eyes were filled with confusion as she did not know how to accept this reality.

In her past life, she had yearned for her parents love.

Many times did she envy the things that Yun Ziling had.

Throughout her life, she felt as if she was fated to not be loved by her parents.

For someone who had experienced something like that to suddenly learn that she was actually the child of another couple made her wonder if God was playing a joke on her.

She just could not bring herself to accept it.

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