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The couple spent some quality together after breakfast before heading downstairs.

The moment they got down, they saw Great White standing between Xiaoer and Xiaosi as if he was a guard god.

The two guards and the snow leopard all simultaneously turned to look at Yun Xi and Mu Feichi at the same time.

“You guys…” Yun Xi looked at them.

“What are you guys doing”

“Young Miss!” The two guards stood tall and looked at Yun Xi with huge grins on their faces.

Their way of addressing Yun Xi shocked her so much that she did not know how to respond to them.

“My name is Xiaoer and this is Xiaosi.

Well be in charge of your safety from now onward.”

Their way of talking reminded her of Mu Feichis special forces.

They were well-trained soldiers who had a strict demeanor.

“Uh…Id rather you guys address me with my name.

Its weird to call me Young Miss…”

Yun Xi had had the same title back at the Yun family home.

However, only her aunt would address her that way.

It felt uncomfortable for other people to call her that.

Xiaoer and Xiaosi exchanged a glance before turning back to look at Yun Xi.

“Youre our Bosss only daughter and the heir of the Xiao family,” Xiaoer said with a grin.

“Youre the only one who can hold that title.”

Yun Xi smiled.

“You guys are here to protect me under Mr.

Xiaos orders, right What about him Isnt his safety more important than mine”

“Boss has other guards with him.

We are confident that hes safe all the time.

You dont have to worry about it, Young Miss.”

“Thats a relief then.” Yun Xi nodded.

Their conversation was quickly cut short when the butler came in with a red invitation letter.

Yun Xi read its contents before handing it to the man next to her with a vicious smile on her face.

“Look at this.

Even after having been cheated on, Han Zhongteng still insists on marrying Liang Xinyi.

Looks like what happened between Han Yaotian and Qiao Ximin is making him anxious.

Hes the type of person who will make a lot of mistakes when hes pushed into a corner.

I didnt expect that he would be this dumb, Theres a shortcut just right in front of him, and yet hed rather dig his own grave.”

“A shortcut” Mu Feichi raised a brow and turned to look at Yun Xi.

One look into her eyes was enough to know what she was thinking.

“Are you talking about yourself”


If he came to me and asked for me to help him, I wouldve considered it.

Everyone now knows that I have the Young Commander backing me up.”

Mu Feichi laughed until there were tears in his eyes when she sounded as if she was ridiculing herself.

“Yeah, right.

Ive been here all the time and since when did you need me to back you up”


But, whats the point of marrying Liang Xinyi I know Qiao Ximin, and Im sure that she would never let Liang Xinyi off the hook so easily.

Looks like well have a show at the engagement party.”

“Even if there is none, arent all these part of your plans You even discussed with Su Donglin about the reimbursement.

Even if they make a huge scene at the engagement party, someone will help you clean up the mess.”

Yun Xi smiled and nodded.

Just as Mu Feichi had mentioned, she had come to an agreement with Su Donglin.

Her original idea had been to dig a trap and let Liang Xinyi fall into it before making a scene at the engagement party herself.

However, she did not expect that someone had done all that for her, which saved her all the trouble of doing it.

Mu Feichi chuckled and put the invitation letter on the rack next to him.

He patted Yun Xis head and said, “Though, youre right.

Ive gotten word that Qiao Ximin has the recording of the VIP room that night.

She even bribed the host of the party this morning.

Looks like shes going to make a huge scene at the party.”

“Oh Theres a recording If they play it in front of everyone, wont that trouble the Su family This is quite cruel.

Should I warn Su Donglin about it”

Mu Feichi shook his head and pinched Yun Xis cheek.

“If you warn him now, then the video of your aunt and Yun Yuanfeng that you got from me will become useless, right Babe, do the unexpected and attack the unprepared.

This is the way to strike them down in one hit.”

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