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“T…this is unbelievable! Doesnt this only happen in novels” Zhao Yumo widened her eyes in shock as she learned the truth.

The more she thought about it, the more inconceivable it was.

“Thats why you never fit in with the Yun family.

You never carried their blood.

The Xiao family! Thats the biggest conglomerate family in country M! You suddenly just became the heir of that family.

Oh my God! It feels like Im dreaming now.”

“Dont steal my line! I really thought I was in a dream when I learned about it.” Yun Xi laughed at Zhao Yumos exaggerated expression.

“Well, with the paternity test results out, you can be sure this isnt a dream anymore.

That big family belongs to you now, as it has always been ever since you were born.

Do you know what it means to be Mr.

Xiaos daughter What it means to be his only child It means that youll inherit the position as the head of the Xiao family.

Hey! You better not forget about me when that happens.

I will follow you anywhere you go!”

“All right! Stop joking around.

With the test proving that Im Mr.

Xiaos daughter, it means that I have to go and look for my mother.

He has been looking for her for the past 20 years, and his latest clue is me.

I have to follow the trail.”

The mention of her real mother made her wonder what the love of Xiao Jinglins life looked like.

Although they had been helping the head of the Xiao family look for Rong Rong, Yun Xi had never asked for a photo of the woman that Xiao Jinglin had been yearning to see again for 20 years.

Because of her position in the Yun family, Yun Xi had both been yearning for the love of her parents, but worried at the same time.

“Youre right! We have to look for your mother so that your family can be whole again.

As for the Yun family, theres nothing there for you to look back to anymore.

Its best if you cut your ties with them.”

“I know…” The moment Yun Xi was reincarnated, she had vowed to get back what was hers and step on those who had hurt her.

However, never did she expect that she wasnt even Yun Yuanfengs daughter.

It felt as if everything she had done ever since she had gotten back to Jingdu had become meaningless.

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Whether she was still the Young Miss of the Yun family or not, nothing mattered anymore.

The only thing she was glad about was that she had met Mu Feichi.

If everything from her family to her revenge were never hers to begin with, then she should put those things behind in the past.

Yet, after working hard for so long, part of her was telling her to see everything through to the end.

After getting out of his car, Mu Feichi noticed that Xiao Weijun was waiting for him by the entrance.

The snow had stopped falling, and the First Lady was standing tall like an elegant jasmine flower.

Looking at Xiao Weijun, whose elegance would attract anyones attention, it finally made sense to Mu Feichi why Yun Xi was well-mannered and elegant.

No matter where she had been born, she would never lose what was her birthright.

“Jinzhi, welcome.

Wheres Yun Xi Did she not come with you” Xiao Weijun asked as she glanced behind the Young Commander.

Hints of disappointment could be seen in her eyes when she did not see her niece.

“Yun Xi had to head back to school.

If you want to see her, Ill ask her to come with me next time.”

Xiao Weijun nodded.

Despite the disappointment, she still smiled brightly and welcomed Mu Feichi in.

“Who wouldve thought that Yun Xi is actually my niece Fate sure works in mysterious ways, huh”

“Right I was shocked when I saw the results too.


Jing is on his way back to country M now.

Im sure there are a lot of things for him to do.

The school break is just around the corner.

Yun Xi should be free by then.

Shell come to trouble you often then.”

“Come on! Im dying to see her now, as her family.

You should bring her here often too.”

When they arrived at the Presidents Office, Mu Feichi gently nodded toward Xiao Weijun and headed in.

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