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Su Donglin definitely deserved his title as the head of the Su family.

Yun Xi only had to warn him a little, and he instantly understood what was happening.

“Thank you for the kind warning.

I already knew about what happened at the charity auction.

Someone sent me some photos of what happened the next morning.”

“Photos” Yun Xi was shocked to hear that.

Since the one-night stand between Han Yaotian and Qiao Ximin had taken over the headlines that day, and the fact that someone had tried to stop word of what happened to Liang Xinyi from getting out, no one really learned about Liang Xinyi.

For Su Donglin to have received photos of what had happened, and just before the engagement party, something seemed fishy to Yun Xi.

She started to wonder what had been the goal for doing that.

Perhaps the sender wanted the Su family to cancel the engagement or perhaps they wanted the Su family to owe them a favor.

However, if it was the latter, then the sender would not have kept their identity a secret.

If it was to cancel the engagement, then the only person who would try to do that was Han Yaotian.

However, with Yun Xis understanding of Han Yaotian, she was certain that he would not do something that stupid.

If Han Yaotian really wanted to cut off Han Zhongtengs connection with the Su family, all he had to do was bribe the host and play the CCTV recordings of what had happened to Liang Xinyi during the party for everyone to see.

He could get rid of any future troubles, and it was more effective and ruthless than just sending photos to the Su family.

Knowing that Han Yaotian wasnt the sender, Yun Xi was now utterly confused with who they were.

Yun Xi turned to look at Mu Feichi, her eyes filled with confusion.

Since she had turned the hands-free on, the Young Commander could hear everything from the backseat.

Mu Feichi grinned and gently patted her head.

He then leaned in and whispered, “Eldest Heir.”

Even though Yun Xi could not guess who the sender was, Mu Feichi could.

Chen Yichen had the same agenda as Yun Xi, but he had another goal as well.

Now that the big four wealthiest families werent seeing eye to eye, Qiao Ximin was eager to break the balance of power between the four families, very soon after the Qiao family had become one of them.

As the Eldest Heir, not only did Chen Yichen want to form a better relationship with the Su family, but he also wanted to maintain the balance of power between the other two families.

Among the big four wealthiest families, the Qiao family was simply a replacement.

They would eventually be replaced when they fell.

However, the Su family was different.

The Su family had always kept a low profile and was always mysterious.

The Jiang family was also Chen Yichens mothers family.

It wouldnt make sense for him to try and get close to the Qiao family instead of the Su family.

“Everyones attention has been directed to the scandal between Han Yaotian and Qiao Ximin, but I never thought that another scandal occurred that day as well.

Looks like someone secretly prevented word of it from getting out.

For Ms.

Yun to warn me beforehand, I thank you.”

“Uh…” Yun Xi didnt know how to react, as it was clear that Su Donglin had already guessed that it was her who had stopped word of it from getting out, which had resulted in Qiao Ximin getting the chance to ruin the Su familys image.

With Su Donglin making the right guess, it was pointless for Yun Xi to try and gain favor from him anymore.

Instead, the head of the Su family might even blame her for not being considerate of the Su family.

“Su Donglin, shes warning you beforehand because she thinks of you as her friend.

If she really wanted to bring your family down, are you even confident that you could withstand her attacks”

The moment Mu Feichi saw his girl being barked at, he raised a brow while still leaning on the back of the seat and threatened Su Donglin.

The moment the Youing Commander spoke, the other end of the phone quickly turned silent.

“Also,” Mu Feichi added, “didnt she remedy all the losses that the Su family would suffer beforehand”

“Youre right… My apologies…” Su Donglin remained respectful toward Mu Feichi as always.

The anger in his tone died down a little.

“So how do you want me to proceed from here, Young Commander”

“The engagement party will continue as scheduled.

Ill be attending the party too, and all you have to do is sit back and enjoy the show.

The Jiang family and the Chen family arent fools either.

For the Qiao family to make such huge moves not long after they have become one of the big four wealthiest families, Im sure the other two families would side with you as well.

I also have a recording of Chen Lixue with me.

Ill have someone send it over to you later.

Ill let you decide what you want to do with it.”

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