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After theyd finished with the call, Mu Feichi poked Yun Xis cheek and teased her, “So embarrassing.

How can you let yourself get pushed around so easily”

“I didnt! I mean, Im in the wrong.”

“How are you in the wrong” Mu Feichi scoffed.

“From the moment you started to work with Su Donglin, from the moment your aunt entered the Su family up until now, you have thought of every possible way that the Su family might lose from your plan and youve discussed it with Su Donglin.

Dont you think that he has already foreseen that such a day might come The only reason that hes unhappy is that a young lady like you tried to scheme against him.”

“But its Qiao Ximin whos scheming against him, not me! Why is he angry with me”

“Thats why I took over, and theres nothing he could say after that, right Hell take care of the rest on his own.

Itll become a war between the Su family and the Qiao family, and we dont have to do anything.”

“Mu Three-Years-Old, you sure are a scheming person.” Yun Xi turned to look at her man with respect in her eyes.

Mu Feichi had mastered the art of understanding people.

Unlike him, Yun Xi was experienced in the battles of the business world, and she usually resorted to despicable ways of doing things rather than understanding people.

Only a person who wanted to attain the highest position in society had to learn how to understand other people.

She had never once wanted to climb to the top and had always believed that she didnt have the ability to lead others.

“Babe, the art of understanding people is just the same as coming up with schemes.

As long as you put hard work into it, other people will naturally follow you.”

“I dont have any intention of becoming a politician though.

Isnt it a good thing to want to live a simple life”

“Are you sure you can live a simple life with me”

“Dude, you killed the mood again!”

Mu Feichi laughed and pulled his lady into his arms.

To the man who had been through countless battles, a quiet, easy life would be one he could spend with her.

Compared to Chen Lixue, who was absolutely delighted with her daughters engagement, Liang Xinyi was completely annoyed.

Han Zhongteng had never shown himself ever since what had happened the day after the charity auction.

Even when Liang Xinyi called the mans friends, none of them treated her as if she meant anything to him at all.

She thought that Han Zhongteng wouldve canceled the engagement after what had happened at the hotel, but she was surprised to find that he intended for the engagement party to go on.

The scandal between Han Yaotian and Qiao Ximin had taken Jingdu by storm.

No matter how dumb Liang Xinyi was, she knew why Han Zhongteng insisted on marrying her.

And she had no other choice but to marry him as well.

The Su family had made it clear that they wouldnt side with her, and she was nothing more than a pawn to Han Hongbin.

With the Han family out of the big four wealthiest families, she knew that she had to find someone else to support her or else she would never get the chance to climb even higher and trample over Yun Xi.

To make matters worse, Yun Xi now had the support of the Young Commander and had even become the first-class socialite.

It was as if everything good now belonged to Yun Xi, while Liang Xinyi was left all alone.

She had even offended Qiao Ximin.

Since Han Hongbin and Han Zhongteng wouldnt help her, she had to turn to someone else.

The first person she thought of was the one who had given her the drugs.

If she wanted his help, then she would need something to give to him for that.

However, the man had never once told her his reason for giving her the drugs, nor did he ever ask for anything in return.

She was wary that the man might have another goal that he was hiding from her.

After a long think, Liang Xinyis only idea was the Prime Ministers daughter.

Qi Siyu was known to be a proud, former first-class socialite.

Under normal circumstances, she would never even bother with what Yun Xi was doing.

However, Yun Xi was now more successful than she was, and she even found herself being negatively compared to the new first-class socialite during the socialite ball.

As well as that, Qi Siyu also adored the Young Commander.

Liang Xinyi knew that it would be impossible for the Prime Ministers daughter to let the lady who stole the man she loved off easily.

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