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Yun Xi stood by the railing, looking at the mother and daughter who were arguing, with a sarcastic look on her face.

They were acting exactly in the way she had always known them, selfish and petty.

Even if their life had changed for the better, they still could not change their personalities.

Even after coming to Jingdu and suffering with the Su family for such a long time, they still managed to embarrass themselves all the time.

The argument between the mother and daughter had attracted a lot of attention.

No matter how shameless Chen Lixue was, she wouldnt dare make a scene in public.

If she were to embarrass the Su family like that, the riches she had garnered from the Su family would just vanish in an instant.

When she had been still the wife of the village chief, she could do and speak however she wanted no matter how irrationally.

However, in Jingdu, where the best of the best in the country had gathered, she had no power or money.

There was no way she would dare to act as she had back in the village.

Just as Chen Lixue and Liang Xinyi were glaring at each other, Liang Danyi suddenly exclaimed, “Mom, look! Isnt that Mr.

Su H…hes flirting with another woman!”

Chen Lixue turned to look at where Liang Danyi was pointing and immediately recognized Su Zongping.

Her face became completely distorted when she saw him acting all gentlemanly toward another lady as they talked and laughed.

Liang Xinyi also turned and saw her stepfather walking into a womens clothing store with another lady.

She then turned back to look at her mothers dumbfounded and angry expression.

Even though Su Zongping had never given Chen Lixue and her daughters any special treatment, he had still made them part of the Su family.

They were able to stand tall and act mighty in Jingdu because of that.

If they lost the Su family backing them up, it would be hard for them to find a good life in Jingdu.

Liang Danyi tugged at her mothers shirt worriedly and asked, “Mom, what should we do”

Through the window, Chen Lixue could see the man helping the lady choose a dress and she hesitated, not knowing whether she should head in to confront him or not.

Liang Xinyi was infuriated by her mothers reaction.

“Mom! What the h*ll Why are you acting like a coward here Youre the real Mrs.


That lady is nothing more than a lover.

If you dont do anything now, what will happen if he kicks us out of the Su family and marries that lady instead Theres no way we can return to Muyang anymore! Do you want us to become beggars”

All Liang Xinyi could think at the moment was her own benefits.

She wasnt able to read the situation.

Naturally, Chen Lixue was also worried that she might get kicked out of the Su family.

If Su Zongping were to divorce her, she would be left with no other option.

Even Liang Weimin would not want her back by then.

She had hoped that her two daughters would help her live a rich and comfortable life in the future, but if she lost her identity as Mrs.

Su before they could even become successful, then all of her plans would be ruined.

Liang Xinyis words managed to provoke Chen Lixue.

The mother quickly led her two daughters into the store.

Yun Xi had witnessed everything and smirked.

She turned to Zhao Yumo and asked, “If this happened to you, how would you handle it Confront the lover and fight her”

Zhao Yumo took a sip of her warm milk tea and waved her hand as if she was a university professor.

“Why would I do something that dumb Shes basically digging her own grave here.

If she confronts her husband now, shes basically going to make him hate her, and the lover will be the winner here.

Even if Su Zongping never thought of divorcing Chen Lixue, he definitely will after this.”

“Liang Xinyi is definitely anxious about everything now.

Shes making all the wrong calls,” Yun Xi laughed.

“Things wouldve been even more interesting if Su Ximan was here.”

Zhao Yumos eyes got wide as she gulped her milk tea when she noticed something.

She quickly tapped Yun Xis shoulder and pointed in another direction where a person was seen coming out of an elevator.

“Look! Speak of the devil!”

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