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The store was in a complete mess.

Su Ximan coldly looked at the three people fighting without the intention of stopping them.

Since she hadnt been there in time to stop the fight, she had decided to let them continue instead.

It was as if she felt bad for stopping Chen Lixue after the woman had put so much into causing such a huge scene.

A few minutes later, the fight finally ended with Chen Lixues loud wail.

Su Zongping pulled his hand back from Chen Lixue, but not before pushing her to the floor.

The woman was so stunned that she stopped crying.

She had known that men could be cold-blooded creatures, but she never thought Su Zongping would be so ruthless to the point where he did not even show her an ounce of respect in front of other people.

The few seconds of silence was once again interrupted by Chen Lixues loud cry.

It was as if all the pain and anger she had gathered in the past had suddenly exploded.

Su Zongping didnt even pay attention to his wife but turned to check on Madame Yang, whose neck had been scratched, instead.

He tried to apologize, but the woman replied with a hard slap.

Not only did the loud slap make Su Zongpings eyes pop wide open, but it also stopped Chen Lixue from crying.

There was no way Madame Yang could endure the humiliation of being treated as if she was some lover.

She cursed at the family and turned to leave.

“Madame Yang…” Su Zongping tried to chase after the woman to explain, but Chen Lixue grabbed his leg, stopping him in his tracks.

“P*ss off!” Su Zongping turned and kicked Chen Lixue on her back so hard that she yelled out in pain.

“M…mom! Are you all right” Liang Danyi asked and looked toward her sister for help.

It was then that she noticed Su Ximan standing by the entrance, and she was stunned.

Seeing that she had been found out, Su Ximan smirked and walked toward them.

She glanced at Chen Lixue before turning to look at her uncle and grinned.

“Yo! Aint you guys lively”

“Ximan… Why are you here” It took Su Zongping all his effort to force a smile and greet her.

Even though he was Su Ximans uncle, there was nothing he could do.

The Su family had always favored the family of the eldest son, while he was the fourth son with no power or control in the big family.

All he did was live his luxurious life, but hed never held any power in the family.

Other than that, Su Ximan was the daughter of his eldest brother and the sister of the current head.

The siblings had always been close to each other, and Su Donglin wouldnt mind Su Ximan doing things in his stead.

Not a single soul in the family dared to oppose the siblings, including Su Zongping, unless he wanted to forfeit his happy life with the Su family.

“So, Uncle, what is this”

The moment Su Ximan spoke, Chen Lixue stopped crying and struggled to get up.

Chen Lixue and her daughters did not fear anyone in the Su family except for Su Donglin and his sister.

A single order from any of them was more than enough to kick her and her daughters out of the family.

They would rather lick the floor than oppose any of the siblings.

“Even if you wanted to cheat on your wife, you should do it quietly,” Su Ximan then said.

“I know my dad used to help clean up your messes when he was the head, but if I recall correctly, my brother did warn you guys to keep a low profile after he became the head, right”

Su Ximan then glanced at all the staff and customers in the store and smirked.

The wider her grin was, the faster Su Zongping and Chen Lixues hearts raced.

Su Ximan might be a woman, but she was just as cruel and ruthless as her brother.

“So, do you want to see our family making the headlines tomorrow”

“Ximan… About today…” Su Zongping awkwardly smiled as he tried to please his niece.

“Things arent as serious as you think.

I…Ill make it up to you once we get back.”

Su Ximan raised a brow but remained silent.

After what had happened, even if Su Zongping did not want to divorce Chen Lixue, the video shed gotten from her brother was more than enough to make her uncle kick Chen Lixue and her daughters out of the family.

There was no way the Su family would want to embarrass themselves.

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