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Lu Zheng nodded and answered the call.

Even though Liang Xinyi was complaining on the other end of the phone, he listened to it without an ounce of expression on his face.

His expression was literally saying that it wasnt his problem.

He finally understood why Qi Yitan would say that Liang Xinyi was an idiot who was not worth investing in.

Liang Xinyi was miles behind when compared to Yun Xi.

Yun Xi was the type of person who would fight for the things she wanted herself, while Liang Xinyi would simply ask other people to do things for her.

After telling Liang Xinyi what Qi Yitan had said, Lu Zheng hung up the phone.

“Sir, why would you think that Liang Xinyi is still worth anything Yun Xi is much better than her.”

“Liang Xinyi is nothing more than a kitchen knife.

Although it is true that Yun Xi is much better, we still cant completely deny the pawns anger and hatred.

Shes the type that would do anything to achieve her goals.

Why would I throw away a free knife”

“However, if we are describing them as knives, then Yun Xi is probably the sharpest out there.

Too bad we cant use her.”

Qi Yitan grinned when he thought about the lady who had made him want to conquer her.

The desire and courage that he had witnessed from her ever since the socialite ball had left a deep impression on him.

“Yun Xi is definitely an interesting individual.

Im actually interested to fight her rather than use her.

Shes unlike any other of the women weve met.

Shes smart and resourceful.

It would be interesting to fight someone at a master-level for once.”

Rather than using Yun Xi, Qi Yitan was sure that he would feel even more successful if he could make Yun Xi fall for him.

At the very least, it would make the game more interesting.

“Sir, arent you overestimating her worth Its true that shes better than Liang Xinyi in many ways, but to refer to her as someone at a master-level, isnt that too much Shes still young after all.”

“No.” Qi Yitan turned to look at Lu Zheng, his eyes making him look like a predator hunting its prey.

“Shes not as simple as she seems.

Theres a… How do I put it A sense of maturity and thoroughness that do not seem to be natural at her age.

Even a genius around her age would lack experience.

But shes different.

We can see from how she brought the Han family down and broke the balance of power that Jingdu had maintained for years that shes as good as my sister is.

Normal sense just doesnt work on her.”

Lu Zheng was surprised to hear Qi Yitans conclusion.

He knew from the information that he had gathered that Yun Xi was no simple lady, but hed never thought that he would hear his employer praising her in the same way as he praised the Young Commander.

“Then…are you going to attend Liang Xinyis engagement party If we know one thing about Qiao Ximin, it is that she holds a grudge.

Theres no way she will let Liang Xinyi off the hook so easily.”

“Of course, Im going.

Yun Xi will be there too as well, am I right I can smell that something big will happen that day.

We just have to enjoy the show.”

Most of the people who had RSVPed to the engagement party agreed to go with the same intentions as Qi Yitan.

The engagement party was set for two days before New Years Eve.

Even though Chen Lixue had sent out a lot of invitation letters, only a few had come back.

Su Ximan was the only person from the Su family who was going to attend the party.

Other than Su Zongping, who was there because it was his stepdaughters engagement party, no one else from the family was interested in it.

It was a clear sign that the family treated Chen Lixue and her daughters as outsiders.

They never saw the mother and daughters as part of their family.

Yun Xi arrived at the party with Zhao Yumo, because Mu Feichi had to head to the military base because of remaining paperwork from the extraction mission.

Yun Xi had barely been able to see him as the year was coming to an end.

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