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Chapter 158: I Dont Like to Do Shameless Things

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“You!” Liang Xinyi hadnt expected Yun Xi to be so unforgiving.

Wretched girl! That ungrateful thing!

Now that she had the upper hand, she wasnt going to show any mercy.

Yun Xi glanced at Liang Xinyis venomous countenance and smirked mockingly.

In the future, Liang Xinyi would still try to throw her under the bus.

Also, Yang Lu, who had been dragged down into the depths, would never forgive her.

Although Li Sinuo was not directly involved, what had happened today was enough to send her a warning.

Yun Xi wasnt going to show any mercy toward those who offended her.

Yun Xi turned her head to look for Li Sinuo in the crowd, and her piercing gaze made Li Sinuo feel chills down her back.

Changing the expression in her eyes, Yun Xi said to her homeroom teacher, “Mr.

Xu, we have delayed this parent meeting for too long.

Lets all go back to the classroom and continue.”

Teacher Xu nodded and spoke to the parents.

Everyone turned around and went downstairs.

Just as Teacher Xu was about to leave, Yang Lus mother suddenly pulled him aside.


Xu, my daughter was being manipulated, so please dont punish her.

It wont be easy for her to get into university with her grades.

If she is disciplined again, whether she can even be admitted will be a problem.

Shes your student, so you have to help her.”

“Excuse me, Madame, Yun Xi is also my student and someone elses daughter.

Why didnt you think about that just now when you were talking so viciously”

Now that her own daughter had been exposed as the culprit, she seemed to have forgotten that shed been mocking others for bad behavior moments before.

How could she shamelessly come begging for mercy now

“I did go a little overboard earlier, but my daughter has also been manipulated.

Teacher Xu, you are her homeroom teacher.

You must help her!”

“Its useless for you to apologize to me.

It is Yun Xi who was framed, not me.”

Yang Lus mother turned her head to look at Yun Xi, who appeared impassive.

She had been contemptuous toward her moments before, but now she had to forsake her pride and apologize.

“Yun Xi, you and Yang Lu are classmates.

This time, she was in the wrong.

She was also manipulated by your cousin.

She didnt mean to slander you.

Please plead with Teacher Xu to let Yang Lu off the hook this time.

She promises that she will never act so shamelessly again.”

“Maam, the person who has the obligation to handle this matter is not me.

I believe that Teacher Xu will handle it impartially.

I wont hold a grudge against Yang Lu for framing me.

After all, Im her classmate.

As for what should be done, Teacher Xu knows.

The responsibility is not on Yang Lu, do you understand”

Yang Lus mother nodded at her ambivalently, then turned to look at Teacher Xu who was also nodding at her.

Suddenly she understood.

She was indirectly pleading for Liang Xinyi.

“Thank you.

Thank you.

I spoke too harshly just now.

Please dont hold a grudge.”

Yang Lus mother hurriedly pulled Yang Lu over and asked her to apologize to Yun Xi.

Liang Xiuqin saw that Yun Xi was helping someone elses daughter, but didnt help her cousin, so she rushed forward and yanked at Yun Xis sleeve.

“You wretched girl, youre helping outsiders.

Helping others instead of helping your cousin.

Are you so vindictive that you want to see her being punished”

Liang Xinyis grades were poor, so coupled with this punishment, she probably couldnt be admitted to a good university.

That meant she wouldnt be able to climb the social ladder for the rest of her life.

What use would she have for her then

Liang Xiuqin shamelessly forgot who had been the one whod caused this ruckus in the first place.

Yun Xi frowned and turned her head.

Her cold eyes fell on the arm her mother was tightly pinching.

Reaching out her hand, she clenched her fist and slammed hard at the acupuncture points on her mothers arm.

Liang Xiuqin suddenly felt her wrist go numb and let go.

“Liang Xinyi will receive school disciplinary action because she asked for it.

If I interceded for her, I would have no self-respect.

Mom, I am not like you.

I dont like to do shameless things.”

“You…you wretched girl!”

Liang Xiuqin was about to reach out and slap Yun Xi in the face, but Yun Yuanfeng had already rushed forward and pulled her aside aggressively.

“What a shame! Get out!”

Yun Yuanfeng dragged Liang Xiuqin downstairs, for fear that she would stir up more trouble.

“Teacher Xu, we wont be participating in todays parent meeting.

I really cant afford to suffer any more embarrassment.

I will have to leave the responsibility of handling Yun Xis affairs to you.”

“Dont worry, I will handle them properly and will not let my student suffer any injustice.”

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