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Before they headed out, Mu Feichi looked at Yun Xis unrevealing and very warm-looking dress and chuckled.

“Why do I feel like you still look very seductive even when you are wearing such a dress”

Unlike the usual traditional Chinese dress that she wore, Yun Xi had a black long-sleeved evening gown on.

She had then layered a huge woolen coat on top of the dress.

It made her look like she was a charming black rose, seductive yet cold at the same time.

“What are you talking about” Yun Xi grinned and gently pinched Mu Feichis cheek.

“Do you need me to teach you how to compliment a lady Listen well.

You only compliment ladies with the sweet stuff.”

Mu Feichi moved his face closer to hers.

He had his military coat in one hand while he wrapped his other arm around her and pulled her closer.

He then moved his mouth close to Yun Xis ear.

She could hear his warm breath brush past her ear as he whispered, “Babe, dont you think we should leave doing something like that to when we are in bed Why are you trying to tempt me this early Perhaps, are you trying to be late”

The moment Mu Feichis teasing words entered her ears, Yun Xi felt her face turn completely red and her mind went blank instantly as if it had exploded.

She could even picture the smoke coming out of the top of her head.

Mu Feichi smirked, laughing at Yun Xi for trying to teach him how to compliment a lady.

when he was the master of it while she was an amateur herself.

Seeing Yun Xis stunned expression, Mu Feichi gently nibbled her ear.

“Well, if you are interested, we have a full night left for us after the party.”

Mu Feichi was making it sound as if she wanted that.

Yun Xi turned to glare at him, wondering if she really seemed like she wanted his embraces.

The only time when she had actively tried to seduce him and asked him to take her was after the extraction mission, an event that still made her face red every time she thought about it.

There was no way she would muster the same courage again to tease him.

Mu Feichi stared into the eyes of his lady who was blushing, and he laughed.

“Well, well do it in any position you want tonight.

Youll take the lead, and Ill be a good student.”

“Shut the h*ll up!” Yun Xi was so embarrassed that she wanted to run and hide.

She kicked him on his shin and scolded, “Hurry up and leave! The elders will be angry if they are already there and you arent.”

She bit her lip and her face was completely red as she pushed the man out of door.

If he kept on teasing her like that, her head might actually explode.

“Fine, fine.

Be careful out there, all right Come back as soon as the show ends.

None of us will be there this time so youll have to solve any problems on your own.”

“I can handle it.

Get lost.”

Yun Xi was confident that she was more than enough to get rid of a mere Liang Xinyi.

There was no need for the Young Commander to do anything.

When Mu Feichi reached the door, he suddenly turned around and kissed Yun Xi.

“Be nice, okay Remember to call me if things go south.”

“I will.

I will.” Yun Xi impatiently pushed Mu Feichi out of the door.

It was still snowing outside.

As Yun Xi stood inside and watched Mu Feichi leave, she couldnt even describe the sweet and peaceful feeling in her heart.

She then realized that this was the quiet and peaceful life that she had yearned for.

After Mu Feichi left, Yun Xi checked the time and called Xiaoer and Xiaosi to prepare the car.

“Young Miss, this is the list of guests who are attending the engagement party this evening.” Xiaosi, who was sitting in the passenger seat, reported, as he handed Yun Xi the information he had gathered.

“This Qi Yitan isnt as simple as he looks.

Youll have to be extra careful when you interact with him.”

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