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Long ago, Liang Xinyi had found Han Zhongteng and even sold her body to him in order to incriminate Yun Xi.

Unfortunately, things had not gone as she had wished.

Yun Xis life and status had improved tremendously, and she had only climbed higher and higher up the social ladder.

No matter how hard Liang Xinyi tried to overtake Yun Xi, she had been left in the dust.

Who could she blame but herself for her stupidity and low tactics

She could treat anyone as an enemy, but she had had to treat her cousin as an enemy and offend her in every way.

Wasnt this her own doing

Han Zhongtengs words slapped Liang Xinyi in the face and humiliated her.

This was something that Liang Xinyi would rather die than admit, but there were always people who were happy to provoke her and remind her of her shortcomings.

This was a big slap in the face for her!

It seemed that Han Zhongtengs words had triggered her.

Liang Xinyi raised her head and laughed bitterly.

“Do you think she will help you if you try to please her now Stop dreaming! I know her better than you do.

Weve been at odds since we were young.

Even if she forgives me, she wont help you!”

“Whether she will help me or not is not up to you,” Han Zhongteng sneered coldly.

He reached out and held her hand in the crook of his arm.

He stood up straight and confident, making others feel envious of their love.

“Its best if you dont show me any dissatisfaction.

Do you think youre worth anything now with this used body of yours”

“…” Liang Xinyi was so angry that she could not even maintain her smile.

Her fingernails dug deeper into her palm.

From afar, Yun Xi saw Han Zhongteng leading Liang Xinyi over.

Liang Xinyi had a proud smile on her face, but the look she cast at Yun Xi was burning with bone-chilling hatred.

The moment they approached, Zhao Yumo, who was standing at Yun Xis side, became alert.

She pulled Yun Xis arm and gave her a look.


“Miss Yun, welcome!” Han Zhongteng greeted her politely, but his eyes subconsciously looked toward Han Yaotian.

In order to inherit the Han family, Han Yaotian had really spared no effort in seizing all the resources and opportunities he could get his hands on.

He could even put down his grudge against Yun Xi, their old enemy who had caused the Han family to be kicked out of the big four wealthiest families.

It was true that benefits were above all else.

There were no eternal enemies or eternal friends.

Yun Xis identity was sensitive to begin with.

Now that the Han brothers had gathered together, her corner immediately became the focus of everyones attention.

Everyone in the circle knew about the grudge between the Han family and Yun Xi.

Everyone knew that the Han family had suffered a disastrous catastrophe because of Yun Xi.

Today, these two brothers were most likely after the power behind the top socialite, Yun Xi.

The wheel of fortune in Jingdu had really turned 180 degrees.

“Congratulations, Young Master Han!” Turning around, Yun Xi smiled lightly and looked at Liang Xinyi, who looked like she wanted to murder her with her eyes.

Without changing her expression, she added, “Congratulations too, cousin sister!”

It would have been fine if Yun Xi had not spoken, but once she did, Liang Xinyis expression turned even uglier.

This term cousin sister reminded her of Han Zhongtengs sarcastic jeer just now.

She would rather die than beg for forgiveness from this unlucky star who had been bullied by her for so many years!

“Since were going to be family soon, Ill apologize to you on her behalf if shes offended you in the past.

I hope Miss Yun wont take offense.

Your cousin is normally a little rash.

You know her well, so please forgive her.”

Han Zhongteng spoke first with a humble expression.

He turned to look at Liang Xinyi, and Liang Xinyis cautious inner struggle disappeared with Han Zhongtengs words.

He was even willing to lower himself to Yun Xi first.

If she didnt do anything, Han Zhongteng would definitely make her regret it so badly that she even doubted whether her life would be safe.

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