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“You!” Chen Lixue was rendered speechless, and her face turned very angry when shed heard what Yun Xi had said.

Even if shed wanted to argue back, she couldnt find a way to.

The guests present at the party werent mindless idiots.

It had only taken them a few seconds to understand what was happening.

In the end, Chen Lixue had been born in a village.

Her attitude of being irrational and pushing her responsibilities onto other people was an embarrassment.

Her daughter shamelessly framing other people was one thing, but if the mother was acting the same way as well, and even tried to punish Yun Xi just because she was older, this made her nothing more than a joke.

The guests even started to wonder where she even found the nerve to act like that.

As it was Liang Xinyis engagement party, this scene being caused by her mother and sister only brought humiliation on the bride.

Even if Liang Xinyi was dumb, she had already realized what was going on.

When she met Han Zhongtengs cold warning gaze directed at her, she quickly ran to her mother and pulled Chen Lixue away.

If the party was ruined because of these two, her fiance would definitely end her life.

“All right, Mom, stop it.

You shouldnt trouble Yun Xi like this.

Today is my engagement party.

Shouldnt we celebrate this special occasion as a family”

Liang Xinyi knew that if her mother and sister continued to cause a scene, the one who would lose the most would be herself.

After being reminded of this by her daughter, no matter how furious Chen Lixue was, all she could do was endure the humiliation.

She dragged Liang Danyi away from Yun Xi and sat down.

Su Ximan took a glance at Yun Xi before turning to signal to the hotel manager.

The manager quickly notified the host to begin the event while the waiters hurried to clean up the mess.

After Liang Xinyi had sat down next to Chen Lixue, Su Zongping and a few members of the Han family sat down at the main table as well.

“You three better not cause any more trouble!” Su Zongping warned as soon as he sat down.

“Yun Xi is the Young Commanders woman now.

Offending her means offending the Young Commander.

Dont think you can yell at her just because you were the one who raised her.

She is not the Yun Xi you used to know anymore.

Remember your damn positions! If Su Donglin punishes me because of you three again, Ill get rid of you myself!”

Su Zongpings nephew had had a long talk with him a few days before.

Even though he wasnt the heir of the family, he was still able to enjoy the perks of being a young master of the Su family.

It was natural for him to want to protect his familys interests.

Since he was the one who had brought the troublesome Chen Lixue and her daughters into the family, he had no choice but to endure the problems they brought with them.

Zhao Yumo, Jiang Qilin, and Chen Yichen were scheduled to sit at the table next to the main table, while Yun Xi and Su Ximan sat at the main table.

Yun Xi thought that she had finally gotten away from Qi Yitan and his sister, but not long after she sat down, Qi Yitan sat down next to her once again.

She looked at the man who was sitting next to her.

It wouldve seemed weird if she were to switch seats after sitting down, so she had no choice but to remain seated.

She kept telling herself that Qi Yitan was just a man and not a man-eating tiger.

Qi Yitan turned to Yun Xi and smiled, “Why do I have the feeling that Ms.

Yun doesnt like my company”

“Oh, my! You certainly are funny, Mr.

Qi.” Yun Xi turned to smile back at him.

Qi Yitan frowned and touched his own face.

“You know, I dont think Im even that bad looking.

Did I do something wrong in the past and offend Ms.

Yun in some way Why are you always trying to run away the moment you see me”

The mans intuition was telling him that the lady sitting next to him had been intentionally avoiding him.

“What kind of woman would run away from Mr.

Qi Arent I sitting here talking to you now”

Qi Yitan laughed and concentrated on the ladys exquisite face.

Compared to the other ladies whose faces were covered in makeup, Yun Xis face was pure and innocently beautiful.

Every smile and every laugh that she made had a sort of charm effect on men.

That and her clear eyes were more than enough to make a mans heart itch.

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