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Chapter 159: The Winner Is King, the Loser an Outlaw

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Walking up the stairs quickly, Yun Yuanfeng held onto Liang Xiuqin firmly, dragging her away with a furious expression on his face.

All the parents who passed them looked at them with contempt on their faces.

Someone who knew Yun Yuanfeng asked pointedly, “Vice President Yun, she is Yun Xis stepmother, right”

“Only a stepmother could be so vicious to someone elses daughter.”

“No matter how vicious she is, it doesnt make sense to be nice to someone elses daughter, but treat your own daughter so terribly.”

“If my daughter got first place in the class, I would be willing to pamper her like a princess!”


All the parents on their way downstairs talked loudly in front of Liang Xiuqin.

Yun Yuanfeng already felt shamed enough, but he was caught off guard that some of them actually knew who he was.

They were making fun of this scandal, and, for him, the degree of humiliation was equivalent to that of being stripped naked in front of everyone.

He felt humiliated to the core of his bones, not to mention his face.

Shame, shattered self-esteem, and anger suddenly turned into a prairie fire of rage!

Yun Yuanfeng frowned.

He had always been proud.

As a vice president, he was used to being treated obsequiously by various bosses and investors.

He had always been in a position of glory and high status.

Today, because of this idiot Liang Xiuqin, he had suffered such awkwardness and humiliation.

Even though he had planned to make a speech today concerning his experiences, he was way too embarrassed to step onto the podium now.

Liang Xiuqin fumed with rage as she listened to the sarcastic remarks from the other parents, but just as she was about to say something, she flinched as she saw Yun Yuanfengs murderous glare.

Throughout their many years of marriage, she had never seen Yun Yuanfeng as angry as he was today.

He was so angry that he wanted to kill her.

She got frightened and hurried up the stairs.

What she wasnt looking forward to was that she knew that she would have to endure Yun Yuanfengs boiling rage when she returned home.

It was all because of that wretched girl that she had been so embarrassed and humiliated today!

She was going to deal with Yun Xi when she got home from school.

At the door of the storage room, Yang Lu gave Liang Xinyi a vicious warning and told her to wait.

Turning her head and glancing at Yun Xi gratefully, she let go of her grudge against her.

Moments before, shed slandered and framed Yun Xi.

But not only did Yun Xi not take the opportunity to make her suffer, shed also pleaded with the homeroom teacher for mercy toward her.

She would remember this favor.

After everyone had left, Yun Xi looked at Liang Xinyi, who was standing by the railing, and walked forward slowly.

“Liang Xinyi, if you hadnt dug your own grave, none of this would have happened.

I warned you before.

Youve committed a crime against me again this time.

Do you think I will hold back toward you now”

Liang Xinyi gritted her teeth and glared at her, then spat out, “Wretched girl! You just wait for me.”

“Im waiting! Next time, dont use such amateur tactics.

If you want to frame me, you have to make sure you dont get implicated yourself.

Silent but deadly is the most brilliant method of all.”

“Dont be so smug!”

“I won this time.

The winner is king, and the loser an outlaw, so why cant I be smug”

Yun Xi smirked coldly, then stared at Liang Xinyis sheepish and resentful expression.

“Liang Xinyi, do you still think that as long as my mother sees you as a lucky star, you can securely stay in the Yun family”

Liang Xinyi was stunned for a moment and didnt know how to answer.

With the farce that had happened today, she was so embarrassed that she wasnt sure whether Liang Xiuqin would allow her to stay at the Yun familys house.

Now, she could only lessen her guilt by pinning all the blame on Yun Xi.

“Im not afraid to tell you that in terms of whether or not you can stay in the Yun familys house, I have the final say.

I can easily send you to eternal damnation.

Plus, even if I dont do anything, my dad or my mother will make you go back to the countryside very soon.

Dont think that my mother supporting you is everything, because my mother still has to listen to my dad.

And my dad, in the end, has to ask me for favors.

In order not to make me feel aggrieved, he will make you go back to the countryside.

Do you think that he wont actually do so”

“You! Yun Xi, dont go too far.”

Yun Xi sneered and patted Liang Xinyis face.

“Its best you keep a low profile before the college entrance examination.

Otherwise, I will make you go back the same way you came.”

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