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Men were all born hunters with a good sense of smell.

Qi Yitan had seen a lot of ladies from prestigious families in Jingdu all his life, but there were none who had made him as interested as Yun Xi had.

The son of the Prime Minister finally understood why Mu Feichi had already made his move, because Yun Xi was special.

“Ive heard that you are studying medicine” Qi Yitan asked, although the information he had received was more than that.

“Youre correct.” Yun Xi nodded as she picked up the table knife and made a beautiful gesture with it.

“Im studying forensic medicine.

You know The type that opens dead bodies up.”

This unique way of introducing her major made the smile on Qi Yitans face freeze, but only for a few seconds.

The smile was quickly replaced by a laugh.

The more he talked to Yun Xi, the more he found her interesting.

It was his first time meeting someone who would intentionally smear herself.

Unfortunately, if Yun Xi thought that it was enough to scare Qi Yitan away, then she was wrong.

“Thats a well-respected field.

Im sure youll be able to become a talented medical examiner.”

Yun Xi nodded, agreeing with him.

“I believe so too.”

The way she did not even try to hide her confidence and pride made her look both arrogant and cute at the same time.

When Qi Yitan met her gaze, his fingers couldnt help but tighten around the stem of his wine glass.

A sense of jealousy had suddenly appeared inside of him, and he felt as if his body was burning up.

Fortunately, the host happened to walk onto the stage and commenced the start of the party.

The screen on the stage was showing photos of Liang Xinyi and Han Zhongteng.

It was so basic that there wasnt even a video, which made the guests talk among themselves.

In the end, Su Ximan was the only person from the Su family to attend the engagement party, which made the whole thing look second rate.

Qiao Ximin was seated at the table for the big four wealthiest families.

When she noticed that the host wasnt the one that she had bribed, and when she turned to look around only to realize there werent any of her acquaintances, her heart started to race with worry.

This party was her only chance of getting back at Liang Xinyi.

She wouldnt be able to find another chance to completely ruin Liang Xinyis reputation.

The young miss of the Qi family got up and headed to the washroom with her phone.

After making sure she was alone, she quickly made a call.

It took the recipient a while to answer the call.

“What the h*ll is happening” Qiao Ximin scolded silently into the phone.

“Where the h*ll are you Are you trying to trick me”

“Miss, Im not doing this.

My manager got word of what I was going to do, and he brought someone to beat me up before I could even do anything.

Im still lying in a hospital bed right now.”

“Idiot! Why didnt you tell me this sooner” Qiao Ximins heart skipped a beat when she learned that the host she had bribed had been discovered.

“You didnt sell me out, did you”

“Miss, I dont even know who you are.

Weve only talked on the phone.

Weve never even met.

What can I tell them”

“Good!” Qiao Ximin let out a sigh of relief.

“You can keep the money, but you better make sure you keep your mouth shut!”

Qiao Ximin hung up the call angrily.

She took the SIM card out and broke it in half before throwing it into the trash can.

She then turned to look at the venue, her face completely twisted from her anger.

Not only had the host ruined her chance of getting back at Liang Xinyi, but she also did not have the time to bribe another person.

Her plan was completely ruined.

Now, she was worried that the people who had found out about the plan might trace it back to her.

If that happened, the Han family and the Su family would treat her family as their enemy right away.

The Han family might not pose any threat to her family, but the mysterious Su family was what she was worried about.

All she could do now was think of another way to exact her revenge.

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