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As Qiao Ximin returned to her seat, Yun Xi nonchalantly glanced toward the young lady from the Qiao family.

Since the main table and the table for the big four wealthiest families were close and Yun Xis seat was facing Qiao Ximins, she could clearly see the frustration on Qiao Ximins face.

She realized that the video had been taken care of.

Even though that would have been the most direct way to humiliate Liang Xinyi, it would drag the Su family into this mess too.

It was true that the Su family could have asked for help from the Jiang family and the Chen family, but it seemed as if Su Donglin hadnt chosen to handle this in that way.

Yun Xi had actually thought that Su Donglin would have sacrificed his pride a little to rope in the Jiang family and the Chen family, but it seemed as if she had underestimated the importance of pride and reputation to these prestigious families.

“Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the engagement party of Mr.

Han Zhongteng and Ms.

Liang Xinyi,” the host started speaking.

“On this special day…”

The welcome speech was suddenly cut short when the screen suddenly turned dark.

Just as the host thought it was a technical problem, the scene on the screen suddenly switched to a video of people having sex.

The edit of the video was very well made.

The video started with Liang Xinyi stripping in front of the camera.

She was moving her waist seductively as she stripped off her dress.

In the video, there were three men watching her, cheering.

The host was the closest to the screen.

It took him a few seconds to realize what was going on.

As the guests slowly recovered from the shock of suddenly being shown a sex video, the room had erupted into gossip.

At first, they thought the technician had made a mistake and played his private collection.

However, their expressions quickly changed when they realized who the lady in the video was.

After exchanging glances with other guests, everyone immediately shifted their focus to the main table.

No one knew who the three men in the video were, but they clearly recognized the lady who was about to have sex with the three men in the video.

She was none other than the main attraction of the party, Liang Xinyi.

Everyone was looking at Liang Xinyi, who was now completely dumbfounded by what she was seeing.

In midst of their shock, the guests were also staring at her as if they were enjoying a show.

Liang Xinyis eyes opened wide the moment she saw what was playing on the screen.

Her face turned as white as a sheet, and she felt as if she was suddenly carrying the weight of the world on her shoulders.

Chen Lixue also gasped when she noticed her daughter in the video.

She quickly got up and yelled at the host in a shaky voice, “What are you standing there for Turn it off! Turn it off right now!”

The host finally came back to his senses and quickly ran toward the screen.

No matter what he pressed, nothing worked.

All he could do was shout back at Chen Lixue with his microphone, “Somethings wrong! I cant turn it off!”

As the sex video continued to play, and Liang Xinyis moans began to fill the hall, a few young men started to look at Liang Xinyi with lecherous eyes and ill intentions.

Chen Lixue quickly ran toward the stage and unplugged the screen.

After a few struggles, the screen finally went black.

With the moans gone, the voices of the guests filled the room.

Han Zhongteng was so furious that the veins on his forehead had popped up.

He stood up, slapped Liang Xinyi, and left.

The man had thought that being cheated on was the biggest humiliation he had ever endured in his life.

How wrong he was for thinking that.

With Liang Xinyis sex video having been played in front of the guests, not only did Han Zhongteng lose all his pride, but also people would laugh at him for being cheated on by his fiancée for years.

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