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After seeing Zhao Yumo off, Yun Xi walked toward her car that was approaching the hotels entrance.

“Yun Xi! Hold up!” Chen Yichen suddenly came out of the hotel.

The Eldest Heir had been sitting at the table next to the main table the whole time.

Even though he couldnt help Yun Xi that night, he knew that she didnt need any help.

Being able to exact revenge on her own was more satisfying than getting any help doing it.

All Chen Yichen had had to do was to set the stage.

As long as the beautiful lady was happy with the result, everything was worth it.

“Eldest Heir” Yun Xi turned around to look at the man in a black suit with a black coat over his arm.

It had been two years since shed first met him, and he was had gotten much more mature and better-looking with age.

Perhaps because Chen Yichen and his mother had helped Yun Xi a lot when shed first come to Jingdu, shed never seem him as someone who approached her with an ulterior motive.

She had always believed that he helped her because he felt responsible for her.

However, if Chen Yichen had possessed the photos of what had happened on the night of the charity auction, then it would mean he had the videos as well.

Still, the Eldest Heir had shown Su Donglin the photos before the engagement party to warn him of what would happen and the head of the Su family had taken care of the rest.

It would have been redundant for Chen Yichen to have warned Su Donglin if he had intended for the video to be played from the start.

That only confused Yun Xi even more as to who was the one who had arranged the incident.

It was then, however.

that Yun Xi suddenly realized that she didnt really know the man in front of her, just as how she had underestimated how the prestigious families valued their reputations more than their lives.

“Where are you heading to I can drive you there.”

Yun Xi pointed at the car stopping next to her and smiled.

“Thank you for your offer, but I already have a ride.”

Xiaoer rolled the window down and coldly studied the man who was talking to his bosss daughter.

Chen Yichen was surprised to see two new faces in the drivers and passengers seats.

“You had different guards last time, right”

“Oh! They are Mr.

Xiaos guards.”

The mention of Xiao Jinglin shut Chen Yichen up immediately as he knew that the guards of such an important person were as powerful as Mu Feichis special forces.

“So, just a quick question.

What did you think of the incident tonight” Chen Yichen suddenly asked.

He knew that Yun Xi was secretly on friendly terms with Su Donglin, and he hiding the fact that he knew that.

Yun Xi eyes shone brightly even under the dim light as she raised her head.

“Are you the one who arranged for the video to be played”

Chen Yichen was right when he guessed that Yun Xi had already known about it.

He smiled and shook his head.


I just gave Su Donglin the photos so that he could be prepared.

I wasnt planning on interfering with how he intended to handle the situation.”

Yun Xi thought about it, and his words made sense.

“Are you curious as to who was behind it” Chen Yichen then asked.

Yun Xi nodded.

“This person knows about everything.

Not only did they spoil your good will, but they also tried to cause a rift between me and Su Donglin.

Id also warned Su Donglin of Qiao Ximins plans.

Even though Liang Xinyis reputation is now completely ruined, I have no choice but to explain the situation to him.

I have to admit, it is a great plan.”

“Su Donglin is not as petty as you think.

Although the Su family was humiliated by todays incident, other than that, they didnt lose anything.

In the end, Liang Xinyi is not officially part of the Su family, am I right”

That was also the same reason why, aside from Su Zongping, Su Ximan was the only person from the Su family who had attended the engagement party.

“So, are you satisfied with the results”

He recalled that when Yun Xi first came to Jingdu, she had been bullied by Liang Xinyi a lot.

However, times had changed, and Yun Xi would be able to get her revenge through her own hard work.

“She brought that upon herself.

I didnt do anything.” Yun Xi grinned as she was just getting started.

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