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Seeing the grin on Yun Xis face, Chen Yichen let out a sigh and changed the subject.

“Its almost the New Year.

My grandpa said that he misses you.

Why dont you come over for a meal when you are free”

“Sure thing.

Ill head over on Saturday then.”

“All right.

Ill let my grandpa know.”

When Yun Xi got into the backseat, Xiaoer quickly closed the laptop on his lap and turned to look at the lady behind him.

“Young Miss, the Young Commander is still in the meeting.

Are we going back to Tianyu Mountain or should we take you to campus”

Yun Xi waved at Chen Yichen before checking the time on the dashboard.

“Hes still at the meeting Its already quite late.

The party was a complete mess.

I wonder who was responsible for the video I literally owe Su Donglin an explanation now.”

“Young Miss, do you need me to look into it” Xiaoer turned around and asked.

“You guys only came to Jingdu a little while ago, right Wouldnt it be faster if we let the Young Commanders intelligence unit look into it”

“Not really.

Its true it might take a little longer for us, but only a little.

Boss has been looking for Ms.

Rong for years now, and he has focused all of his intelligence power in Jun Country.

Even though our intelligence unit in Jingdu isnt as big as the Young Commanders, it isnt small when compared to other units.

It shouldnt take us long to look into it.”

“Is that so” Yun Xi was pleasantly surprised by what Xiaoer had just told her.

She could not even begin to fathom how powerful her father actually was.

To build an intelligence unit from scratch wasnt an easy matter.

It would need time and money.

And for one to cover a whole country, she couldnt even imagine how much money Xiao Jinglin had invested in it.

It wasnt easy for a man to do anything just to find the love of his life for 20 years.

If it had been another man, they wouldve given up long ago.

It was even harder for the head of an old and prestigious family like the Xiao family, as they needed an heir, and women always tried however they could to get into his bed.

And yet, he had been able to live during the past 20 years searching for a single woman.

Even though her father still felt like a stranger to her, Yun Xi couldnt help but be moved by his affection toward her mother.

In her past life, Yun Xi had grown up in the Yun famiily where Yun Yuanfeng had treated her as nothing more than a pawn.

She had then been betrayed by Han Yaotian and Qiao Ximin.

She had never had a real family or felt any real love.

In this life, Yun Yuanfeng and Liang Xiuqin always argued with each other and ended up in a divorce.

In both lives, Yun Xi had never once seen what true love looked like, but never did she expect to see it in her real father.

“Ive already sent the message.

It shouldnt take long before we find out who was behind the incident at the party,” Xiaoer said and turned on his laptop once again to show Yun Xi a few photos.

“Weve also found the lady who took you to the village when you were little.

Is this her”

Yun Xi looked at the photos and then shook her head.


This isnt her.

Ive seen a picture of the lady from my aunt once.

She doesnt look like this.”

“Are you sure” Xiaoer was surprised.

“Your uncle has confirmed with us that she was the one who brought you there.

Maybe the photo your aunt has is the wrong one”

“Im not sure either.

Lets go and ask my aunt tomorrow.

Wheres this lady now”

“Shes in city F.

Its around a two-hour flight from here and 30 miles away from Muyang.”

“30 miles…” Yun Xi knew where city F was.

It was a city just next to Muyang.

However, she sensed that something was off.

The lady came from the same village as Yun Yuanfeng, which meant that she was from Muyang as well.

The more Yun Xi looked into the matter, the more confusing it seemed.

She was also wondering where the real Yun Xi was if she wasnt Yun Yuanfengs daughter.

There were a lot of questions that still needed answering.

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