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Yun Xi had only seen this technology on TV in her past life when she was well into her 30s.

If she hadnt seen this drone in action, she wouldnt have known that country Ms development was far ahead of Jun Countrys.

When the images from the scan came through, they could see that they were being chased by three vehicles.

One off-road vehicle and two vans with a total of 27 assailants.

Judging from the scans, each and every one of the assailants was carrying a heavy weapon.

It was clear that they had come prepared.

Since Yun Xi and Qi Yitan had left the hotel almost at the same time, and the three vehicles had only made their appearance after they had left, she couldnt tell if they were after her or him.

“They pretty much could form a few teams with that number.

We only have three people here and two people in another car.

Theres no way we can defend ourselves.

Young Miss, what should we do now”

“Team Leader A, are they still following us” Yun Xi asked as she turned to look at Qi Yitans car, which was still following them too.


If there are 27 of them, and if they have other people waiting to ambush us from in front, then well be trapped.”

Yun Xi quickly took the laptop that was inside the car out and checked the map.

She then hung up the call with Team Leader A and called Mu Feichi.

Because of a string of events that had happened recently, the Young Commmander was still in a meeting when his phone rang.

He took a glance at the caller ID and quickly answered the call.


“We are being followed.

Because Qi Yitan has been following me too, we cant tell if I am the target or Qi Yitan is.”

“What Where are you now” Mu Feichis expression darkened as he got up and left the meeting room, leaving a group of senior officers looking at each other curiously.

In their line of work, unexpected events could happen at any given time, and none of them would question Mu Feichis actions.

The moment Mu Feichi got out of the door, he made a signal to Feng Rui and Qi Yuan.

The two quickly reacted.

Feng Rui followed the Young Commander into the elevator while Qi Yuan ran down the stairs to the parking garage.

Yun Xi looked around and replied, “We are at the Third West Ring Road.

They have a lot of people and we suspect that they might have backups too.

All of them are carrying heavy weapons.

No matter who their target is, its too dangerous to have a shootout in the city.”

“So Whats your plan” Mu Feichi asked, knowing that his girl already had a plan judging from her tone.

Tianyu Mountain was far away from the Third West Ring Road.

They would have to drive through the suburbs and on a mountain road to get there.

If the assailants had guessed that Yun Xi, would return to Tianyu Mountain, then they couldve set up ambushes along the way.

As long as they had ten times more people than Yun Xis side, they could take Yun Xi and the guards out easily.

Since the assailants were also carrying heavy weapons, it meant that they had come prepared.

And if they had come prepared, then it would make sense that they came with more than 27 people.

The moment they started shooting at Yun Xi, the latter would definitely be in a pinch.

“Im planning to lure them to Area A just outside of Tianyu Mountain.

If we can get them to our territory, we might have a chance to fight back.”

“We dont take chances on the battlefield!” Mu Feichi roared as his grip around his phone tightened.

The moment hed analyzed the situation, he could feel his heart racing like a sportscar.

Not only was he worried, but he was also anxious that he might not make it in time to save her.

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