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“Theres no better option! And since you designated District A as part of Tianyu Mountains defensive site, you mustve expected such a day would arrive.

The only way we can take care of this without involving random citizens is by luring them there.”

“What if they have set up an ambush before District A What if they are waiting for you to go there”

“Then well die trying to stay alive.”

“No! Dont say that!” Mu Feichis expression darkened when he heard that.


I wont say it.

But just listen to my plan.” Since they were still far away from arriving at District A, she quickly relayed her battle plan to Mu Feichi.

Even though Yun Xi knew every inch of District A, it was still better to get insights from the person who had set the district up so that she could maneuver around the area a little better.

“All right.

Well go with your plan.

You lure them to District A, and Ill set up an ambush there.

Youll get access to the areas CCTV later.

The best-case scenario now would be that they dont have any backup.

If they do, dont you dare do anything stupid!”

“Also, what the h*ll is wrong with Qi Yitan Why is he following you this late at night Did you annoy him or something”

“Who the h*ll knows He suddenly stopped next to us and asked me out for a drink!”


“Babe, dont you think you are attracting too many bees recently” The man sounded jealous, to the point where it felt like he was threatening her.

“Hey! It isnt my fault that Im so attractive!”

“Ugh! Stay safe! Ill take care of you once you get back!”

Yun Xi smiled bitterly and hung up the call.

Now that she had a full plan, she had to relay it to Team Leader A.

Yun Xi wouldve been able to handle such a threat alone, but there were too many people on the other side, and she wasnt sure if they had backup or not.

When Mu Feichi got out of the building, the cold wind made his already icy expression look even colder.

Qi Yuan stopped the car in front of the Young Commander.

The man opened the door, got in, and Qi Yuan immediately stepped on the pedal, speeding the car out of the entrance.

Under the dim light from the streetlights, Mu Feichis handsome face was filled with killing intent.

He grabbed the encrypted phone and called Jin Lei.

The moment the call was picked up, he ordered, “Yun Xi is being tailed.

We are expecting 27 enemies, all armed.

Grab Li Zilan and lead two teams to set up an ambush at District A.

Put District B and C on alert as well.

They might try to use the chance to get into Tianyu Mountain.

Apprehend anyone whos suspicious!”

After hearing Mu Feichis orders, Qi Yuan and Feng Rui both knew that things were much more serious than they had expected.

The former immediately sped up the car.

Yun Xi had already relayed her plan to Team Leader A by the time they left the highway.

After raising the panel that separated the front and back seats, she quickly took off her dress and changed into a set of clothes that she could more easily move in and a pair of boots that she had left in the car beforehand.

After Mu Feichis off-road vehicle had been totally destroyed, he had ordered a new one, but it was still being modified.

The car Yun Xi was in now only had a handful of weapons.

After changing, she lowered the panel down and realized Xiaoer was already prepared.

He handed her a black case.

“Theres a bulletproof vest weve brought with us inside.

Its better if you put it on.”

As it was an actual battle, none of the guards dared to take any risks.

If anything happened to Yun Xi, Xiao Jinglin wouldve gone insane.

Yun Xi glanced at Xiaoer and Xiaosi before asking, “What about you guys”

“We have ours here,” Xiaoer said, and he pulled the collar of his black combat suit down a little to show the armor underneath it.

“The one youre holding is the Bosss.

It might not fit well, but youll have to bear with it.”


Yun Xi grabbed the case and nodded.

The moment she put the vest on, a car suddenly came out of nowhere from their left and rammed into them.

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