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Just as she finished speaking, several gunshots blasted the windshield.

Xiaosi abruptly turned the steering wheel and drove toward the left lane.

“Young Mistress, be careful! There is an ambush!”

The car had already entered the suburbs.

There was still some distance between this suburb and Tianyu Mountains District A defense zone.

It was impossible to undertake preventive measures along this stretch.

The whole area, plus District As defense zone, spanned around five to six miles.

To others, it did not seem to be an important place.

It was a deserted suburb, but District A had become the first barrier to Tianyu Mountain under Mu Feichis plan.

The enemy was hiding in a place right after they had entered the countryside.

Theyd avoided the crowds in the residential area, and they were quite a distance away from Tianyu Mountain, so the special forces on the mountain could not rush over in time to save them.

They really knew how to choose a place that was strategic to them.

Even though Yun Xi was already prepared to defend against their ambush, this sudden attack still made her tense up.

“Drive the car to the abandoned factory!”

This was a deserted suburb.

Other than a few abandoned factories, there was only grass.

It was easy to hide in the dark, but it was also dangerous.

This was because they did not know whether there were still enemies hiding in the darkness.

They were being attacked from both sides!

However, at this time, they could not care about that anymore.


The surveillance footage that Mu Feichi had ordered his men to send over did not capture this ambush.

The surveillance footage could only capture what was happening within the confines of District A.

They had yet to arrive in District A.

It was impossible to determine how many people there were and how many opponents were hidden in the dark.

“But if theres an ambush there…”

“I cant care so much now!”

The bullets kept hitting the car on the windshield.

If this continued, even the bulletproof windows would not be able to withstand their impact.

Just as they were about to drive toward the abandoned factory, there was a loud sound from a sports car.

It overtook them and blocked their way.

Yun Xi looked at the sports car in front of her and hung up the phone.

Four cars rushed out from the bushes in front and there were still the three cars behind them.

They were surrounded by seven cars.

“Xiaosi, speed up and open the door.

Ill shoot their tires!”

“No! This is too dangerous!”

“Come on, you should know that my marksmanship is no worse than yours!”

Yun Xi grabbed the seatbelt by the side and wrapped it around her arms and legs, pressing the door handle.

On the dirt road in the suburbs, there were only a few dim streetlights.

Xiaosi suddenly stepped on the accelerator and sped up.

The car flew out and overtook Qi Yitans car in front.

It quickly drifted and turned around.

The entire car spun horizontally on the road.

The moment the car drifted, Yun Xi suddenly opened the door and slipped out of the car.

Half of her body was suspended in the air as she raised her head and quickly fired two shots at the cars tires.

With a loud bang, the tires of the speeding car suddenly exploded, and the whole car went out of control.

It tilted uncontrollably and flew into the weeds on the right.

As soon as the car in front was taken care of, countless bullets followed closely behind and shot towards them.

In an instant, dozens of bullets rained on them.

Yun Xi quickly pulled herself back into the car.

During the shootout, a stray bullet had brushed past her ear.

Yun Xi quickly closed the car door and shouted, “Go!”

Opposite, Qi Yitan almost couldnt believe his eyes when he saw Yun Xi leaning out of the car and firing two shots.

Even with the high-speed swerving of the car, she had actually hit the target at a distance of ten yards.

This girl was full of surprises.


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