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Yun Xi gave him a quick look, turning her head to look toward the pitch-black stairway, vigilantly listening to the sounds around her and the location of the gunshots in the darkness.

“If you want to look at me a little longer, you need to continue to stay alive.”

Behind the cover of night, Yun Xis expressionless face was like the sky without stars or the moon, cold and distant.

In the dark, a pair of sharp eyes focused on the periscope.

The sniper rifle that had been placed behind the blind spot quickly aimed at the figure that was running up the stairs.

He pulled the trigger and fired without hesitation.

The air was filled with the rotting smell of the abandoned factory and the smell of gunpowder.

Lying on the ground, Yun Xi calmly listened to the continuous gunshots from downstairs.

She could not confirm how many opponents Team Leader A and Xiaosi had killed.

There were many people on the other side, and the sound of cars gathered outside the factory.

There were many people coming up the stairs from the front and from the side.

All of them were agile and well-trained.

Just as Yun Xi finished off the two people who were charging at her, a bullet suddenly flew from the left and hit the left side of the wall.

The bullet embedded in the wall caused sand to scatter all over her.

“Be careful!” Qi Yitan suddenly turned around and pounced on her, throwing her to the ground.

He pressed her head down and fired a few shots in the direction where the bullets had come from.

Several violent gunshots rang out above her head.

Yun Xi shook off the sand on her head, and as soon as she raised her head, she saw a figure rushing up the stairs in front of her.

Her reaction was half a beat slow, and the other party fired a shower of bullets toward them.

Yun Xi pulled Qi Yitan to hide behind an abandoned machine.

She had just shot a few people who had rushed up, but before she could load her gun, some figures who had climbed in through the glass window at the back of the abandoned factory shot at them.



“Be careful!” Yun Xi turned her head and saw a figure jumping in from the window.

She suddenly fell to the ground, and the moment she pulled the trigger, she kicked the man beside her, sending him directly behind the machine.

It was her urgent kick that allowed Qi Yitan to dodge the bullet that brushed past him.

Qi Yitan immediately came back to his senses as the bullets hit the metal pipe.

He leaned his back against the machine and looked at the girl who had rolled on the ground and quickly shot the three figures by the window.

In shock, he quickly took out his magazine and reloaded the bullets.

Then he stuck his head out and fired two shots at the figure by the window.

The opponents on the second floor had all been dealt with.

Yun Xi leaned against the wall, panting slightly.

She held the sniper rifle tightly in her right hand, tilted her head, and raised her left arm to take a look.

When she was dodging just now, shed kicked Qi Yitan and the bullet had directly brushed past her shoulder.

The intense piercing pain made her gasp.

Qi Yitan turned around and looked at the staircase cautiously.

The two of them kept a close watch on both sides.

They didnt want to get trapped on the second floor.

When he turned around, he saw the wound on her arm, and his eyes darkened.

If she had not kicked him away, those shots would have landed in his head.

The girls reaction speed was not far behind his, not to mention that she had just saved his life!

This encounter was really…

“Are you okay” he asked in a low voice.

The sound of gunshots echoed from downstairs.

In the dim light.

He glanced at her and focused on the door.

He did not dare let his guard down.

“Im fine!” Yun Xi took a deep breath, enduring the pain in her arm as she loaded the sniper rifle and aimed it at the window.

At the same time, she pulled out the pistol she always carried with her and held it in her hand.

Her left hand was injured, so she could not use much strength.

A sniper rifle was not as easy to use as a handgun.

There were too many enemies, and before Tianyu Mountains rescue team arrived, she could not drag down Xiaoer, Xiaosi, and the others.

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