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The dark, humid air was filled with the smell of blood.

Qi Yitan subconsciously looked at the figure leaning against the wall from the corner of his eyes.

He held the sniper rifle in his right hand and took out the pistol from his pocket with difficulty with his left hand.

The girl had really given him too many surprises tonight.

He had thought that this girl was only good at business and had some tricks up her sleeves.

Not only had she used Mu Feichis influence to kick the Han family out of the big four wealthiest families, but shed even helped the Qiao family rise.

Shed succeeded in doing what Mu Feichi could not do.

It was only after todays surprise attack that he realized that this girls marksmanship and strategy were not inferior to his.

He had really underestimated this girl.

Xiaoer, Xiaosi, and Team Leader A dealt with the enemies attacking from both sides of the abandoned factory and cleared the obstacles on their way to the second floor.

With their backs to the wall, Xiaoer and Xiaosi looked around cautiously and called out softly, “Miss Yun”

Yun Xi responded while leaning against the wall.

The three of them quickly dodged into the abandoned equipment room on the second floor.

Team Leader As sharp senses detected a figure hiding behind the machine.

He tightened his grip on the gun and aimed it at Qi Yitan.

Yun Xi said in a low voice, “Thats Young Master Qi.”

Qi Yitans figure flashed behind the machine.

Before he came out, he had already fired two shots at the entrance.

He suddenly pulled on Team Leader A, who had yet to react, and hid behind the wall.

Xiaoer and Xiaosi quickly crouched down, one on the left and one on the right, protecting Yun Xi in the middle.

The other party had sent everyone upstairs, believing it possible to trap them all upstairs.

“Miss Yun, its too dangerous here.

We have to leave quickly!”

Xiaoer turned to look at the figures on the left.

There were many people on the enemys side.

Once they surrounded them, the five of them would not be able to withstand their attack.

More important, the enemy had grenades and heavy weapons.

With all of them gathered here, it was simply too dangerous.

Yun Xi touched the sniper rifle in her hand and quickly analyzed the situation.

“Xiaosi, Little A, you guys cover Xiaoer.

Young Master Qi and I will go to the roof to deal with the people outside.

You guys retreat and follow us all the way up.”

The enemys forces were all gathered on the ground.

Going downstairs would only lead to death.

Only by occupying the high ground and using the fastest speed to get rid of the enemies upstairs would they be able to stall for time until Mu Feichis special forces team arrived.

“Okay.” The two of them agreed and rushed out together.

Yun Xi did not care whether Qi Yitan would follow her or not.

She got up and ran toward the stairs.

Qi Yitan had not expected the girl to work so hard.

He braced himself and followed her upstairs.

In the dark night, the humid air was filled with the strong smell of blood and smoke.

As soon as Yun Xi stepped onto the stairs, she heard the sound of propellers coming from not far away, and her footsteps immediately quickened.

In the bushes, more than ten mercenaries who were hiding in the dark looked up at the helicopter that was flying toward them.

They felt that something was wrong.

“Boss, their reinforcements have arrived.

If we dont leave now, it will be too late.” A man who spoke in broken English pulled at the leader, who was about to shoot at the people upstairs.

The man pulled the trigger and missed.

“You idiot!” The leader turned his head and cursed in Mandarin.

Just as he was about to hit the person, he was pulled to the side.

“Lets go!” The two men pulled their leader to the side of the road, and the rest of the people hiding in the grass also retreated.

It was precisely because of the missed shot that the people on the helicopter noticed the movement in the grass.

The helicopter that was flying toward the abandoned factory suddenly turned around and fired at the grass.

The people in the bushes ran toward the cars parked on the road.

The helicopter in the night sky was like a huge bird, slowly catching up to the three cars on the road.

Right then on the road, an army-green SUV suddenly sped toward the three cars…

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