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Qi Yuan could no longer remember how many red lights he had run past and how many cars he had overtaken.

He had to hit the accelerator all the way to get back to Tianyu Mountain.

Not long after he got off the highway, he saw a helicopter flashing in the night sky not far away.

Three cars were speeding toward him.

“Qi Yuan, if you cant stop them, run into them.”

A mans cold voice came from the back seat, and it sounded especially harsh.

“Yes, sir!” Qi Yuan answered.

He stepped on the accelerator and slammed into the first car.

The speed of the car was going extremely fast.

By the time the people in the other car realized what was happening, it was already too late.

With a deafening bang, Qi Yuans car collided with the first car.

The speed of the car and the modified front end of Mu Feichis heavy car instantly knocked the other car off the road, and the car drove into a field.

Qi Yuan suddenly turned the steering wheel and aimed at the second car.

The other party had already reacted and rolled down the window to shoot at his windshield.

Mu Feichi loosened his grip on the handle and adjusted his headset.

He ordered the people on the helicopter to shoot.

At that moment, he no longer had the patience to kill these people with one shot after another.

The mortars flying at a low altitude aimed directly at the vehicles on the ground…

Mu Feichi pressed his earpiece and ordered the people in the helicopter, “Li Zilan, confirm their location immediately!”

“Ive locked onto their position.

Ill lead the team into the abandoned factory.” In the helicopter, Li Zilan replied loudly.

The low-flying helicopter landed on a platform behind the abandoned factory.

In the dark night, a few shadows quickly slid down the parachute rope.

The rest of the people stayed on the helicopter to protect them from any sudden attacks.

Seeing them coming down, Yun Xi leaned against the pipe and flashed the flashlight she had brought from the car.

She raised her head slightly.

“Instructor Zilan, Im here!”

Once Li Zilan confirmed their location, she ordered the others to quickly resolve the dangers that were still lurking around and take down the enemy.

In the dark night, the sound of rapid footsteps and gunshots came from the abandoned factory, and the sound of approaching cars eventually quieted down.

Qi Yitan looked up at the helicopter hovering not far away, then glanced at the trained, swift, and capable special forces soldiers on the ground.

Whether in terms of combat tactics or rescue strategies, they were the most outstanding weapons and had been trained by Mu Feichi and were far superior to any other forces in the country.

Even if he did not want to admit their insurmountable gap, compared to this mans excellence, he had to admit that he was far inferior to him in some aspects.

Just as Li Zilan approached Yun Xi, she heard a soft sound.

She suddenly turned around and gripped the sniper rifle in her hand tightly.

She looked up and saw Qi Yitan walking out of the darkness.

Her hand that was pulling the trigger paused for a moment before she let go and stopped.

“Young Master Qi, what are you doing here” Li Zilan frowned and glanced at Qi Yitan.

She did not feel embarrassed at all for almost shooting him.

Qi Yitan didnt look at her, but turned to look at the car that was driving toward them downstairs.

When he turned back, the girl standing in front of him had already grabbed her gun and run downstairs.

Mu Feichi got out of the car and the team members who had finished sweeping the battlefield saluted him.

They tied up the other lightly injured enemies and threw them on the ground.

The headlights of the army green SUV illuminated a corner of the corridor.

Mu Feichi looked coldly at the three remaining mercenaries on the ground that had been captured.

He snorted lightly and waved his hand.

Feng Rui pulled one of the mercenaries off the ground and carried him into the car.

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