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The moment she sat up from his lap, a certain someone pushed open the car door and walked out, ignoring her.

This person was even better at throwing a tantrum than she was.

She shifted in her seat and moved into his seat.

He hadnt closed the car door.

She looked at the arrogant figure and took a deep breath before shouting at him, “Young Commander!”

He didnt respond nor did he stop in his tracks.

Unwilling to give up, she shouted a few more times, “Young Commander Mu! Mu Feichi!”

He was completely ignoring her.

She didnt get out of the car and just sat there.

Men who were used to getting their way were indeed difficult to pacify once they got upset.

Gritting her teeth, she shouted, “Mu Feichi, Im in pain.”

If the honey trap didnt work, she could still use her injuries to earn his sympathy.

She was not the one who had sought Qi Yitans attention after all.

She didnt like the Qi family either, but she couldnt be blamed for her instinctive reactions on the battlefield.

This immature man who was walking to the door paused and turned to look at the little girl who was still hiding in the car.

Facing the pitiful and injured little vixen, no matter how his pride had been hurt, he instantly gave in.

Who asked him to fall into this little vixens hands His pride and dignity didnt stand a chance before her.

The butler looked at the two of them fighting a silly battle and silently patted Great Whites head.

Then he pulled Great White away from their war zone and headed inside.

“What, now you recall that you were hurt Why didnt you remember that you were hurt when you ran out to shield other people from bullets”

Thinking that she had been injured because of Qi Yitan, he wanted to punch the wall.

“It was just an instinctive reaction.

If Qi Yitan had died in your territory, you would be in trouble too.”

“Even so, you didnt have to save him.

Who is he Hes the youngest major in the military.

His capability is no less than Li Zilans, and he has more experience on the battlefield than you.

Hes the one who should have protected you, so why would you need to protect him”

“I didnt want him to protect me.

Its enough that I have you.”

“Stop trying to change the subject by flattering me!” A certain someone had seen through her intentions.

At this time, as they were competing to see who could be most annoying, Yun Xi didnt care about being embarrassed any longer, and she raised her head with a face full of fearlessness.

“I dont care! If I have you, why do I need him Furthermore, if he does something to protect me and wants me to repay that debt later, it would become even more troublesome.

I dont want to get entangled with him.

If you go and help me return the favor and lower yourself before him when that time comes, you will be the one who suffers.

I dont want to see that happen.”

“Oh, you dont want to be entangled with him, but what about now Will you be able to get rid of him now that he is entangled with you”

Qi Yitan had been blatantly provoking Mu Feichi just now.

He was so shameless that he did not take the fact that he was her boyfriend seriously.

Regardless whether he was targeting Mu Feichi or Yun Xi, this matter wasnt going to end so quickly.

“Ive made myself clear.

If he really wants to be shameless, I still have you, dont I Anyway, two-timing is not for me, and I dont have the skill to do that.

What happened today was purely an accident.

I promise that the next time something like this happens, I will not help him out.”

“Thats enough for now.

Do you still dare to think that there will be a next time”

Seeing that he had loosened up a bit, Yun Xi hurriedly shut her mouth.

She raised her head and smiled at him with a fawning expression.

Mu Feichi looked at her bloodstained sleeve and his eyes darkened.

In the end, he calmed down and sighed helplessly.

He couldnt fight with this little demon!

“I want a hug…” She would always follow his cues.

She raised her right hand and blinked at him pitifully.

This matter was over.

He really could not do anything to her.

Mu Feichi snorted softly, his face full of love.

In the end, he bent down and carried her into the house.

Feng Rui stared blankly at these two people who had merged into one under the lights.

He finally understood what was meant by there was always one thing to conquer another.

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