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As soon as she stepped into the living room, she was greeted with a warm and fuzzy atmosphere.

The butler stood by the entrance with the first-aid kit in his hand and smiled at the two of them kindly.

Earlier, she had been so focused on placating Mu Feichi that she had completely neglected the fact that the butler had been standing by their side.

Thinking of this, Yun Xi really wanted to dig a hole and crawl into it.

Perhaps in the old mans eyes, she had the image of a little vixen and was too unreserved and didnt act like a lady.

“Young Master, the first-aid kit is here.

The soup is still warm in the kitchen.”

“Okay, you go to sleep.

Ill take care of things here.”

“Okay, good night.

You two should go to bed early too.” The butler put down the first-aid kit and left.

Great White turned around, grabbed the first-aid kit, and followed Mu Feichi into the living room.

Great White bared his teeth at Mu Feichi as if he had smelled blood.

The proud man did not even look at him.

Mu Feichi took out the items that he needed to stop her bleeding and glared at Great White, who was even more anxious than he was.

“Why are you throwing a tantrum Did I hurt her She did this to herself.

Can you blame me for being annoyed”

Yun Xi glanced at a certain someones arrogant expression and coughed lightly before stroking Great Whites head in a comforting manner.

“Great White, lets not argue with him.”

The man and his pet stood in front of her.

Mu Feichi was so angry that he did not even want to talk anymore.

He stood up and helped Yun Xi remove her clothes.

It was only when he had taken off her clothes and only her undershirt remained that she grabbed his hand.

“Just cut away the sleeve.”

“Why are you acting like this in front of me Is there any part of your body that I havent seen before Hurry up, when the blood dries, itll hurt even more.”

“Mu Feichi, why do I feel like you dont care about me at all”

Hugging the pillow, Yun Xi tilted her head to look at the man in front of her.

The hostility she had felt from him at the abandoned factory had disappeared.

He had just been returned from a meeting, and his dark green shirt and pants made him look exceptionally handsome and refined.

She knew that he was angry because of Qi Yitans provocation.

“I shouldnt have to constantly tell you that my heart is aching.”

Mu Feichi grabbed a blanket from the couch and threw it into her arms.

He looked up at her, his deep eyes glittering faintly.

“Its up to you whether to cut or take off your clothes!”

“Ill take it off…” Gritting her teeth, she decided without hesitation.

The man, who looked like he did not feel sorry for her at all, finally cut the bloody shirt off her body.

After cleaning it, he applied medicine on her wound and stitched it up.

At first, he didnt administer any anesthesia, causing Yun Xi to cry out in pain.

Mu Feichi couldnt bear to watch her suffer, but she had to endure the pain for a long time before he would administer another dose of anesthetic.

“Ill let this teach you a lesson.

Next time, dont rush to block bullets for others!”

Yun Xi stared at him with tears in her eyes.

Only after a long time did she manage to squeeze out a sentence, “Mu Feichi, you childish man, you are too harsh…”

He was 100 percent certain that he was right.

He could endure his heartache and use the most direct and effective method to make her feel pain while also making her remember her lesson.

“If Im not harsh, you wont remember!” He poked her forehead.

“Get up and eat something before bed.

Take a shower and rest after that! Dont you feel dizzy after losing so much blood”

“Im dizzy, carry me…” Since he dared to make her feel pain, she would do her best to make use of him.

Standing high above her, Mu Feichi chuckled and saw through her thoughts.

The light in his eyes instantly became flirtatious.

“Babe, youll need to pay a price for ordering me around.”

“…” When she heard this, Yun Xi immediately stood up and walked toward the dining room by herself.

If she couldnt understand such a dangerous hint, then she would not be able to get out of bed tomorrow.

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