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Lu Zheng stood and waited on the road in the cold.

And finally he saw his boss, Qi Yitan, approaching.

It wasnt until Qi Yitan had gotten into the car that Lu Zheng looked at him in the rear-view mirror.

“Boss, are you all right Who sent those people tonight”

Lu Zheng had rushed over only after receiving his call, and there was still a fire burning on the road not too far away from them.

They were near Tianyu Mountain, and it was pretty shocking that some people had actually dared to cause trouble in this vicinity.

If their target wasnt Mu Feichi, they must be coming after Yun Xi.

Qi Yitan scoffed, “Someones getting desperate.”

Lu Zheng immediately understood what Qi Yitan meant.

He frowned and asked worriedly,Isnt the Han family courting its own death by appearing like that Going after Yun Xi and so near Tianyu MountainHan Hongbin has always been careful.

It seems like he wouldnt go after the girl recklessly, especially when the car accident hadnt been resolved yet.”

“Go and find out if that illegitimate son of his has escaped from Tianyu Mountain.”

“What This… Had the Young Commander ever let anyone escape from Tianyu Mountain” Lu Zheng looked confused as he tried to digest the information.

“No wonder Han Hongbin privately hired so many people.

He was planning a move on Tianyu Mountain when Young Commander Mu was away for the socialite ball.

But Tianyu Mountain is still a heavily guarded place.

I dont think he would have had a chance to get his son out.”

“Its unusual behavior, so there must be something going on.

If they managed to get someone out of Tianyu Mountain, Mu Feichi must have planned for it to happen.

The older Han Hongbin gets, the more muddle-headed he becomes.

All because of this extremist illegitimate son, he didnt even realize that he had fallen into a trap.”

“Then… Should we warn him Han Hongbin is still someone useful after all.”

If Young Commander Mu were to get rid of Han Hongbin, the Han family would probably disappear as well.

This could further intensify the simmering tensions under the calm surface of Jingdu.

Although the Han family wasnt as well off as in the past, they were still considered one of the wealthier families and remained a crucial point in maintaining the balance of power in their community.

Once the balance got totally disrupted, it could affect many other families too.

This was also why Mu Feichi had left Han Hongbin alone all these years, even though he knew about all his antics.

Yet, this little girl was trying to break up the balance of power now.

Besides having Mu Feichis support, she was rather skillful at it too.

Yun Xi looked just like an ordinary girl on the outside.

However, as soon as she made her moves on the Han family, she completely caught them all by surprise.

“Leave it.

If he cant even beat a little girl, then someone should probably take over his position.”

Lu Zheng hesitated but did not say anything else.

The Han family was no longer as glamourous as before, and Han Hongbin wasnt as ambitious as in the past.

Since Qi Yitan had always been a bystander, he really shouldnt get involved in anything.

Qi Yitan watched the ever-changing night scenery pass outside the car window.

He recalled how proud and confident Yun Xi had looked in the dark.

“That little girl just saved my life.

And I noticed that her shooting skills and reaction speed were just as good as mine.

I have really underestimated her.

Why didnt I see all these details in the files you gave me”

“I…she…” Lu Zheng was shocked when he heard what had happened, and he obviously did not expect that girl to have those skills.

“Boss, you should know that Tianyu Mountain has always been heavily guarded, so we cant get any of our people in at all.

That girl spent most of her time at Tianyu Mountain, and many people could have trained her.

Other than that, Young Commander Mu always keeps things confidential.

So, if he doesnt want people to know, theres no way for us to get the information…”

“Enough! Stop talking!” When someone talked about the gap between him and Mu Feichi, Qi Yitan would always feel like something was stuck in his throat.

It felt uncomfortable, but he could neither swallow it nor spit it out.

“In the future, if you have any information about the girl, report it to me as soon as possible.

I do not want something similar happening again.”

Lu Zheng could sense that Qi Yitan wasnt in a good mood.

So, he nodded and answered quickly, “Yes, sir! I got it.”

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