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Even though the Han family was no longer one of the top four wealthiest families, they didnt move and still lived in the mansion.

Early in the morning, a loud noise from a truck crashing into their main gate startled everyone in the household.

The driver fled before anyone came out of the house.

No one noticed anything unusual, including the security guards stationed at the estates entrance.

When Han Hongbin saw the pile of dead bodies in the back of the truck, he was jolted out of his sleepy state.

The timid mistresses in the Han family fainted out of shock, and even Old Master Han collapsed at the horrific sight.

Though Han Yaotian and Han Zhongteng were rarely home, they happened to be around that day.

Their faces turned pale at the terrifying scene, and they stood petrified.

Han Yaotian immediately knew what was going on when he saw Han Hongbin shaking in his pants.

No one said a word, and they left one after another.

Finally, Han Hongbin and Han Yaotian were the only people standing in the living room.

Han Yaotian knew Han Hongbin must have done something to Yun Xi.

However, since Han Hongbin did not discuss it with him, he would continue to pretend not to know anything.

If he looked too smart or asked too many questions, these actions wouldnt benefit his plans for the future.

When something like this happened, the difficult part wasnt to clean up the scene but to cover up the incident.

The other three prominent families also lived in the estate, so Han Hongbin knew he would go to jail if news spread.

Han Hongbin turned to look at Han Yaotian.

He had never dealt with such matters before, and he didnt fully trust Han Yaotian too.

However, if he were to give a legitimate identity to his illegitimate son in the future, Han Yaotian would be his greatest obstacle.

So, Han Hongbin didnt want Han Yaotian to have a hold over him at any moment.


After considering for a long time, Han Hongbin decided to get his men to clean up the scene and remove the bodies.

As it was still early in the morning, he quickly made things happen to avoid attracting any attention.

He had to admit that Young Commander Mus move was ruthless and so cruel!

If it wasnt handled well or there were reporters were waiting outside, Han Hongbin would have no evidence to prove his innocence with a truck full of dead bodies in his house.

He probably wouldnt even survive this scandalous event.

Seeing that Han Hongbin had no intention to let him help deal with the issue, Han Yaotian excused himself and left.

As soon as Han Yaotian left, Jiang Qilin and Chen Yichen were immediately informed about what had happened to the Han family.

Jiang Qilin had always silently observed all the changes, especially after Yun Xi started going out with Young Commander Mu.

Since then, he wouldnt randomly interfere in Yun Xis matters.

Now that Han Hongbin managed to stir the pot and provoke Yun Xi, they were all even more willing to see the fall of the Han family.

On the other hand, Chen Yichen seemed a little edgy.

Last night, he received the news about the attack on Yun Xi, and within the next few hours, something had happened to the Han family.

The Han familys enthusiasm in seeking its demise was quite worth anyones admiration.

“Young Master, are we going to do anything about this matter” Xu Han asked when he saw Chen Yichen standing by the window without saying a word.

The warm morning sun was shining on Chen Yichen, but the air around this mild and gentle young master somehow felt a little colder and sharper.

“With Young Commander Mu around, we dont need to do anything.

Since Crocodile is related to this matter, we shouldnt dig too deep into it.

Since Han Hongbin had the guts to go knocking on deaths door, then he should be prepared to drag the whole Han family down with him.

Yun Xi was determined to bring down the Han family anyway, and she wont give up until it is done.

We just need to help when she needs it and nothing else.”

Yun Xi managed to scheme against Han Hongbin and even kick the Han family out from the ranks of the top four wealthiest families.

With her capabilities and wits, she would have already made a backup plan just in case.

For example, the ambitious Han Yaotian could already be part of her backup plan.

From the information he had gathered recently, he knew that Yun Xi was on close terms with Han Yaotian in private.

So if she didnt have any motive, why does she need to be formal with him and pretend not to know him very well

If she would actually make good use of Han Yaotian, it wouldnt be impossible to turn the Han family upside down.

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