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When she finally left the Yun family home, Mu Feichi had already returned and was standing at the gates of the compound talking to the team leader of the special forces that were on duty.

Yun Xi slowed down and walked over.

Standing on the green path on the side of the road, she listened quietly to the instructions he gave to the team leader of the special forces.

The way he spoke was clear and decisive, with the confidence and maturity of a superior.

She could not imagine the amount of sweat and effort he must have spent to get to where he was today.

Such a man had his own special charm, and made those above him regard him seriously, while those below him looked up to him with awe and respect.

From the adoring eyes of the team leader, she could see that this man was like a god in their hearts.

“All right, lets get moving!” Mu Feichi nodded to the team of the special forces leader.

The man stood up straight and saluted with respect, then turned around and rejoined the rest of the team repairing the fence.

Mu Feichi turned his head and ran his eyes across the figure standing not far from him.

After he was sure that she seemed all right, he approached her.

“Are you injured anywhere”

“Im fine.

This happened due to my negligence.

Ill make sure to take care of the Han family issue as soon as possible.

As long as that lunatic is still out there, hell be a threat to us.

If the situation requires it, dont worry about my plans and just shoot him down.

I dont want to risk him hurting any innocent people.”

Her plans were not that important.

What mattered to her was making sure that innocent lives did not end up getting sacrificed.

That was where she drew the line.

If she couldnt stand by her own principles, then what made her any different from Han Yaotian and Han Hongbin

Mu Feichi smiled helplessly.

He lifted an arm to pat her head and chuckled softly.

“Did this little provocation scare you off”

“Hurting the lives of innocent people is where I draw the line.”

“As someone involved in a game of chess, you cant panic at times like this.

The more you do, the more likely this entire game will be turned upside down.”


“No buts!” Dragging her with him, Mu Feichi walked out the gates.

“The intelligence team just called.

The man has returned to where hes staying and is currently being monitored.

That lunatic ran out to just plant a bomb at the residential compound.

Do you think that makes sense”

“With that guys crazy nature, Han Hongbin had to hurt so many good people just to get him out.

He couldnt have come all this way just to casually plant a bomb here.”

“So, you cant panic, or others will have the upper hand.”

Although this was an emergency situation, it was also a good learning experience to help her to grow.

Standing by her principles did not have to contradict her pulling the rug out from under this wicked man.

It just depended on how she chose to handle this.

She had set up an elaborate scheme from the very start of her taking on the Han family.

From kicking the Han family out of the big four wealthiest families to supporting the Qiao family, and then finally introducing the prime minister into her scheme, her every move was so carefully planned it was as if she were treading on thin ice.

In order to protect her principles and her heart, her methods were not ruthless enough for him, but because this was what she wanted to do, he chose to stay out of her way and only offer an occasional suggestion or two when it seemed appropriate.

This was the path she had chosen, so he was waiting for her to meet him halfway to take on this world side by side.

“I see…” She took a deep breath and raised her head, squinting and smiling at him, as her proud and cheerful face regained her usual confidence and stubbornness once again.

Now that her plan was in motion, she must not let herself end it with a mess.

Just then, she received an incoming call from Gu Baifan.

Yun Xi looked at the caller ID and picked it up.

Gu Baifans slightly panicked voice came from the other end.

“You guessed it right, he really did attack the Mu Corporation.

A bomb was found in the building just a moment ago, f…fortunately…it was dismantled in time.

Otherwise, if the bomb had gone off in the building, it could have caused a collapse, and everyone in the building would have been endangered.”

“Have some guards be on standby.

Do another round of thorough searches in the building, both inside and outside, and make sure that there are no threats left.

Were coming over right now.”

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