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All through the ride, Yun Xi kept her head lowered and said nothing.

Mu Feichi turned to look at the person sitting beside him.

He had no idea whether she was in a bad mood or simply lost in her thoughts.

He smiled helplessly and struck up a casual conversation about the year when hed been carrying out border duty.

In order to rescue some hostages, they had accidentally entered the rain forest where a bunch of border traffickers, drug dealers, and mafia members were hiding.

Getting into combat in the forest wasnt challenging in itself.

The difficult part was the vastness of the rain forest that was plagued with miasma, landmines, and the various spies of these traffickers, drug dealers, and mafiosa.

This battle with real guns and live ammunition was way more difficult than any of their past training, so much so that everyone had even prepared themselves mentally to die in the rain forest.

“Cheng and I were leading the team, and we had an arduous task.

Not only did we have to bring all the team members home safely, but we also had to rescue the hostages while facing threats of nature in the rain forest and also the traffickers, drug dealers, and mafiosa.

During the battle, I only rested one hour a day for three consecutive days.

All the other times, I had to stay vigilant.”

“Then…what happened after Did you manage to rescue the hostages”

She had never heard him mention this battle before.

Perhaps it had really been too dangerous and challenging and even Li Zilan and the others never spoke of it.

… Or perhaps it had been a horrible nightmare for all of them.

“Out of the nine hostages, only two survived and followed us out of the rain forest.

For us, it was a failed mission.

The two teams I led had over 40 people, and, in the end, there were five comrades who never came back…”

Speaking of this old and dusty past, Mu Feichis gloomy and charming face glowed with a faint light in his eyes, as if struggling to hold back his emotions while reminiscing.

That was the biggest failure he had encountered in his youth, and it was at that moment that it became clear to him that he was just a human being, not a god, and he could never achieve absolute perfection.

“Im sorry…” She looked at his downcast eyes and held his hand tightly with an aching heart.

“I can feel the pain in your heart.”

“Its all in the past.

I just wanted to tell you that a little setback is nothing.

Just do your best, and the rest is up to fate.”


“I understand…” She hadnt expected him to use this way of dissecting his own past to comfort her.

It was really not cute at all.

“Im not that fragile, at least not the kind of person who cant climb back up after falling down.

Besides, I havent lost this game yet.

I still have chips in my hands, dont I”

“If you know you still have chips, then make good use of them.

Youre just way too kind for your own good.”

Inhaling sharply, he gazed up and pinched her pink cheeks.

“To be kind to the enemy is to be cruel to oneself.

Only when you are ruthless and decisive can you always stay one step ahead and remain invincible.

So what if you overthrow the Han family The current situation in Jingdu is like a festering wound.

If you dont cut off the rotten flesh, it will never get better.

For so many years, Ive rarely asked about the internal affairs of these families, and have always turned a blind eye to many things.

Since youve sliced it all open, then you cant get cold feet now.

Ive told you this before.

No matter the situation youre in, youll always have me backing you up.”

“Okay…” Yun Xi nodded, tightening her grasp on his hand, the warm iron-like fist in her palm banished the gnawing uncertainty that had been in her heart.

“From now on, I wont be indecisive or show any more mercy.”

“Just do what you want, and leave the rest to me.”

The car stopped at the entrance of the Mu Corporation, and the two quickly entered the office tower, while the special forces dispatched by Mu Feichi started patrolling outside of the building.

Although there had been an emergency, the employees of the entire building had stayed at work as usual without the slightest commotion, disorder, or panic.

Yun Xi had barely taken a few sweeping glances and found that the management and order of the Mu Corporation far exceeded her expectations.

It was no wonder that so many people were wracking their brains about just how to get into this large corporation.

The strength of their corporate teamwork was clearly reflected through the management, order, and quality of employees.

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