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It was not her first time coming to Mu Corporation, but it was the first time that she felt the unity and the qualities of the employees as a whole.

Gu Baifan had been manning the lobby on the first floor.

Having him here as the vice president whom everyone looked up to was the perfect food for the soul—to calm the hearts of the people.

”Young Commander, Yun Xi, youre here!” Gu Baifan handed back the folder he had just signed to the assistant waiting beside him and walked over.

”How are things coming along Has everything been resolved yet” Mu Feichi glanced at the lobby where order had been restored.

The employees trained under militarized management were always much more mentally adept than ordinary employees.

”Its all been resolved.

The entire building has been searched twice inside and out.

All dangerous items found have been removed, and the suspect has been contained.

It was the cleaning lady working under the corporation who planted the bomb.

After questioning her, it turned out that she was coerced by someone else.

Her son was being held hostage with a bomb tied to his body.

Ive already sent someone over to handle the rescue.

We cannot afford to have any bombing accidents happening on either side, no matter what.”

Speaking of bombing accidents, Gu Baifan turned to look at Yun Xi.

“What about the military region residences Was anyone injured”

”A few had minor injuries and have been sent to the hospital.

That lunatic thinks he can do whatever he wants now just because he got out.


Yun Xi turned to look at the bustling traffic outside and playfully curled her lips into a smirk, her long and curly eyelashes dampened the chill in her cold eyes.

“Ill show him what death looks like!”

Mu Feichi was right, she was still too naive.

The moment she showed the enemy an inch of kindness, it was equivalent to her asking for a fatal blow upon herself.

Gu Baifan caught the killing intent in her eyes, then gazed up, and smiled at Mu Feichi.

The two men seemed eager to watch the nestling in front of them grow into a deadly goshawk and bear its sharp claws.

Liang Xinyis engagement banquet had unraveled to become the biggest blockbuster in the country, and the Su family name was dragged through the mud along with it, making them the laughing stock in town overnight.

The Su family—which had always been low-key—had suffered quite the blow because of Liang Xinyi.

The impact of this incident far exceeded Yun Xis expectations, and it was beyond Su Donglins control as well.

Su Donglin returned from a neighboring city at the break of dawn and threw a fit at Su Zongping, Chen Lixue and her daughter.

He shoved the DVD containing the video of Chen Lixue sent by Yun Xi right in Su Zongpings face.

According to Su Ximans explanation on the phone, this matter had nothing to do with Yun Xi because they had also taken care of the bribed emcee early that morning.

To their surprise, someone had still managed to get their hands on the video and broadcasted it at the engagement banquet.

This was equivalent to a blatant provocation toward the Su family.

But what was the intention of the person behind this

Seeing Su Zongpings cowardly behavior, Su Ximan warmly called the butler over.

The butler picked up the DVD from the couch and brought it to the DVD player in the living room to have it played.



Chen Lixue had been traumatized enough by the video at the engagement banquet, and seeing a DVD here, she knew something was up.

She had a bad feeling that the Su siblings had returned today, just to rain hell on the three of them.

Without saying a word, she rushed in front of the butler to stop him, and anxiously explained to Su Donglin, “W-Whats the meaning of this Ive already explained it to you before.

Someone had set us up with that video…”

Chen Lixue was wobbling as she tried to explain herself, but no one was listening.

No one took her seriously at all.

”Are you blind or do you think that everyone else is Liang Xinyi had the nerve to do such a cheap and moronic thing and even tarnished our Su family name with it.

And yet, you dare raise your voice at me!”

Su Ximan let out a cold chuckle.

This was the perfect opportunity to pull the rug out from under them, once and for all.

She never wanted to see these three idiots around the Su family ever again.

”Butler, play the video.

We must let Forth Uncle feast his eyes on this!” As she spoke, she glanced at Chen Lixue with teasing eyes.

“What are you so nervous about Everyone has already seen the video at the engagement banquet.

Im showing you a different one!”

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