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Chapter 162: Ive Encountered My Love Rival

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Mu Feichis car stopped beside Chen Yichens car.

Yun Xi lowered the window, reached out, and knocked on the window of the drivers seat.

Chen Yichen lowered the car window and saw Yun Xi, but before he could rejoice, he saw Young Marshal Mu sitting in the drivers seat with a sulky expression on his face.

“Yun Xi…Young Marshal Mu You…”

“I just bumped into Young Marshal Mu when I was on my morning run.

I heard that you were looking for me because of the old Madames illness”

“Yes, Grandma woke up early this morning and suddenly found that she could stand up.

Little Yun, you are truly amazing!”

“Then lets go, lets go see the old Madame now!”

As she said this, Yun Xi could keenly feel a pair of piercing eyes fixated on her back.

Coughing softly, she then said, “Young Marshal Mu said he also wants to go check on the old Madame, so let me go with him in his car.”

She was certain that if she dared to get out of his car and get into the eldest young masters car, he would definitely teach her a lesson.

For the sake of everyone, she decided it was best that she be obedient lest she offend him again.

Chen Yichen looked disappointed, but he concealed it well and smiled at Yun Xi.

“Then I will wait for you at the door of my house.”

As soon as hed finished speaking, he started the car, which sped away like an arrow.

Mu Feichi kept up with him, and there was no conversation on the way.

The ambience in the car was a bit stiff.

At the entrance to the Chen familys mansion, Chen Yichen came over and opened the door for her as soon as the car came to a stop.

Yun Xi was a little caught off guard and reflexively turned her head to look at the sulky face of the man in the drivers seat.

Then she got out of the car.

She turned to look at the man who was getting out of the car and shot Chen Yichen a meaningful look.

Chen Yichen understood what she meant and hurriedly asked the housekeeper to come welcome them

Mu Feichi glanced at Yun Xi, who was still standing on the side.

There was a certain fierceness in his piercing eyes.

“What are you standing there for Waiting for me to invite you in”

“Im coming!” Yun Xi raised her head and quickly followed Chen Yichen.

In the living room, Chen Ziliang and Jiang Wanyun were already waiting.

When they saw Young Marshal Mu coming in, they quickly stood up.

“Young Marshal Mu, welcome… Uncle Chen, bring out the tea!”

Mu Feichi turned his head and said to the housekeeper, “Lets prepare breakfast instead, since probably no one has had breakfast yet.”

“Okay! I will tell the kitchen to prepare it immediately!” The butler answered readily, for fear of neglecting this noble guest.

Chen Ziliang dared not neglect this distinguished guest, who rarely showed his face publicly, and politely invited Mu Feichi to sit on the sofa.

“Since Im here, lets go and see the old Madame first.”


This way please.” Chen Ziliang led Yun Xi and Mu Feichi upstairs.

After all three of them were upstairs, Chen Yichen said to his mother, “Mom, dont you think that Young Marshal Mu has been coming to our house quite frequently lately”

“What do you mean” Jiang Wanyun glanced at her son.

“Yun Xi just came here in Young Marshal Mus car.

I feel that Ive encountered my love rival.”

“You mean Young Marshal and Yun Xi…” Jiang Wanyun glanced toward the stairs, where no one was in sight, and shook her head with a smile.

“Impossible! The difference in age between Young Marshal Mu and Yun Xi is much greater than the age difference between you and Yun Xi.

Plus, he is also the Young Marshal of Country C.

He has noble status.

He could get any girl in the world that he wanted.

It is impossible for him to fancy Yun Xi.”

“Yun Xi is so amazing, and I fancy her too, so why wouldnt he”

As he said this, Chen Yichen felt a little uncomfortable.

Between man and man, sometimes simple eye contact and gesture, or even vibe, could make them sense their indirect hostility toward one another.

Ever since Yun Xi had rescued him, Young Marshal Mu had never been pleasant toward him.

“Thats not necessarily true.

He is not you.

Besides, didnt your cousin look down on Yun Xi Young Marshal Mu is a person who has experienced war, and his world is not something we can enter.

A person like him has different values from you and me, and his criteria for choosing a wife would definitely be different.”

Chen Yichen thought about it for a while.

Sometimes, men had different tastes in women.

But sometimes, they were surprisingly consistent!

He hoped he was overthinking it.

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