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After a few minutes, Chen Lixue and the Liang sisters felt excruciating fear as if their flesh were being cut slowly and agonizingly with a blunt knife.

The elders of the Su family did not interfere, or in other words, they simply did not care for these fickle matters.

Only the Dong siblings had bothered to show up, while the rest of the Su family members had never even considered Chen Lixue and her daughters as one of their own.

At that very moment, Chen Lixue was even a little thankful for their cold-heartedness, so that she, the mother, would not have to suffer too much embarrassment in the face of her daughters scandal.

However, before she could breathe a sigh of relief, the video playing on the television screen shattered her soul once again! In the dim light of a hotel room, a couple was sitting by the window—the sobbing woman seemingly leaned against the man, and then she impulsively…

”No… T-Thats fake! This isnt real!”

The moment she realised who the couple in the video was, Chen Lixue suddenly felt a rumbling in her head.

In that instant, crazy thoughts began running through her mind.

She rushed forward to press the buttons on the video player and pulled the cables out.

But it was too late—Su Zongping was sitting in the corner with his forehead boldly stamped with the wordcuckolded as his eyes blazed with fury.

He watched the video helplessly as his wife rolled around in bed with another man.

The pain of being cuckolded in public was more unbearable than catching them in bed himself! Whats more, it unfolded in front of the younger generation of his family.

Forget the feeling of frustration—he was completely humiliated!

Looking at the screen that finally went dark, Chen Lixue turned her head in a panic and ran toward Su Zongping, half-kneeling on the edge of the couch, anxiously trying to explain herself.

However, she was greeted with a slap in the face.

She was hit so hard, she saw stars in her eyes and immediately fell backward, sprawled on the carpet.

”Mom…” Liang Danyi ran over to Chen Lixue to help her, but try as she might, she couldnt hold her up at all.

Chen Lixue was paralyzed with grief and despair.

She no longer had any strength to support herself.

Her dream of being the madam of a wealthy family was completely shattered!

How could she have lost everything in just one night…


When her daughter had that incident, her hopes and dreams were all gone.

And now it was her turn to lose everything as well! This could not be happening!

The Su family was the most unforgiving family she had ever known.

What was she to do now

”Zongping, let me explain.

The person in the video isnt me.

It really isnt…”

Su Zongping had always been soft-hearted toward her.

As long as he was willing to turn a blind eye, ignore her past and not divorce her, she could still stay in the Su family house.



”Chen Lixue, your daughters and you make me sick! That daughter of yours acted so lowly and I didnt expect you, a mother, to be just as shameless as well!”

Fortunately, todays video was not released but resolved in private within the family.

If this were to leak out, would he even be able to remain in Jingdu Had one of his eyes been blind in the first place How could he have married such a lowly woman back then

Now, this was all just perfect.

Forget about the shame they brought to the Su family, he was now shrouded by an unshakable cloud of cuckold lingering over his head, and that got on his last nerve!

”Its not like that… let me explain…” Unable to stand up, Chen Lixue could only hold onto his upper thigh tightly, wailing loudly like a countrywoman.

“I didnt betray you—this was all in the past.

Since I married you, Ive been staying dutifully by your side…”

”Get the hell away from me!” Su Zongping tried shaking his leg, but his foot would not budge, so he lifted his other foot, and kicked Chen Lixues shoulder with all his might.

”Dont think that I dont know who that man was in there! Unfaithfully sleeping around and you have the nerve to cry about this Mark my words, this marriage is over! You and those daughters of yours are moving out of the Su family house today—and dont ever let me see your disgusting faces ever again!”

Su Zongping had nowhere to express his anger after being utterly humiliated in front of the younger generation of his family, so all his years of pride and bottled-up anger were taken out on Chen Lixue.

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